10 Best Tennis Players

posted by Tudor T.

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10 Best Tennis Players
1. Roger Federer
2. Rod Laver
3. Donald Budge
4. Pete Sampras
5. Jimmy Connors
6. Rafael Nadal
7. Bjorn Borg
8. Ivan Lendl
9. John McEnroe
10. Novak Djokovic

This time we give you our Toplist of the world’s 10 Best Tennis Players. These guys have achieved so much throughout their tennis career, thus making it really hard for anyone to make a top 10 (almost every existing Top 10 about tennis players on the Internet is different).

We think we did them justice, although some fans might not agree with us. We took every aspect we deemed important into consideration: Grand Slams won, number of weeks as No. 1 in the ATP rankings as well as world records set by these amazing tennis players.

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