10. Erykah Badu – ‘Window Seat’

singer, actress Erykah BaduThis video of Erykah Badu is not an eccentric or horror or indecent, although many can call it like that. In ‘Window Seat’, the singer shows a woman walking on the street undressing, as she continues to walk.

The end is quite unexpected because the woman, after loosing all of her clothes, collapses and dies…or evolves. At the end, Erykah is sending a very emotional message, talking about the human condition and the way the society has developed, in such a way that people are not what they used to be, urging all to make a change and evolve.

Erykah’s Career

She is a singer, producer, songwriter and American actress. As often compared to the famous jazz singer Billie Holiday, Badu is known for popularizing the neo soul music style, but also for her eccentric appearances. The singer was introduced to the art world, early on, and eventually started to perform in shows held at the local Theater Center from Dallas.

In 1996, Badu produced a demo that caught the attention of a music producer named Kedar Massenburg, who agreed to work with her and made a deal with D’Angelo for a new song called ‘Your Precious Love’. Kedar Entertainment later fused with Universal Motown. Today, Badu is known for her deep music style, which is showed by ‘Baduizm’ and ‘Live’, with which she won Grammy Award. Erykah Badu, was born as Erica Abi Wright on February 26, 1971 in Dallas.

Her name came from ‘kah’ which is an Egyptian term someone’s ‘inner self’, and ‘badu’ which is her most favorite jazz-riff scat sound. Raised by her mother, Badu was introduced to the art world when she was very young, due to her mother, who was an actress.

She sang and danced for her mother and eventually started to act in shows at the Theater Center. When she was old enough to attend high school, she got into Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. She was where she belonged at the arts school, focusing on singing and dancing mostly.

9. Busta Rhymes – Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See

hip-hop singer, Busta RhymesTrevor Smith Jr., born on May 20, 1972, known as Busta Rhymes, is a musician hip-hop and Jamaican-born American actor. Busta Rhymes’s nickname was given by Chuck D of Public Enemy after the soccer player George ‘Buster’ Rhymes. He collaborated in 2008 with Kat DeLuna for a show called ‘Run the Show’. Trevor Smith was born in Brooklyn in New York (United States) of parents with Jamaican roots.

Musical Career

At 12 years old his family moved to Uniondale, a suburb of New York’s Long Island, where he spent his adolescence and met other rappers from the hip-hop community in New York, including Jay Z and The Notorious BIG.

He graduated from Uniondale, where he was a very good basketball player. Busta Rhymes’s musical career began as a member of the hip-hop band Leaders of the New School, along with his fellow Charlie Brown, Dinco D and Cut Monitor Milo, all originally from Long Island.

The band recorded their first album “A Future Without a Past” in 1989 and soon began to have considerable success. After the release of her second album, “The Inner Mind’s Eye” in 1991, Busta Rhymes began his solo career. Busta Rhymes’s ‘The Coming’ disc debut was released by Elektra Records in 1996.

The album is a mixture of reggae and hip hop , from which at least two songs entered the Top 10 of the US and Britain. He is said to be the most original and idiosyncratic star of the rap world. His style influenced by reggae, singing in a complex, inventive and humorous way, is shown by the artist in an unmistakable and very attractive way.

His video ‘Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See’ is nevertheless disappointing. The artist, known for his eccentricity came out with a very controversial video. The action is the same: girls, booze and drugs, but the play is different, it is a real kind of play, a charade, to be clearer.

8. Major Lazer – Bubble Butt

band, major lazerMajor Lazer is a band known for their eccentric videos, but ‘Bubble Butt’ exceeds the expectations. Giant big but woman making other women’s butts huge, who then start dancing. That’s a little weird.

Major Lazer is an electronic music project created by DJ and producer Diplo. It was first in collaboration with DJ and also producer Switch English, but they broke up in late 2011.

Diplo was then helped by the DJ, production Jillionaire and Walshy Fire (Black Chiney) production and live performances. Their music spans many genres are usually a fusion of reggae and dancehall music with dance genres such as house and electro moombahton.


They have released two full albums ‘Guns Do not Kill People… Lazers Do’ and ‘Free the Universe’, launched in 2009 and 2013. They released an EP entitled ‘Apocalypse Soon’ in March 2014, which included contributions from Pharrell Williams and Sean Paul. Major Lazer also produced Reincarnated,  a reggae debut album by Snoop Dogg, after changing his name to Snoop Lion. The band released a number of three albums:

Their debut album, released in 2009, called ‘Guns don’t kill people…Lazers Do’, ‘Free the Universe, released in 2013, ‘Peace Is the Mission’, in 2015. Major Lazer also has two more albums to come, both scheduled for 2016: ‘Music Is the Weapon’ and ‘Major Lazer: Official Soundtrack to the Television Series’.

7. Soundgarden – „Black Hole Sun“

Soundgarden bandWith the song “Back Hole Sun”, the band Soundgarden was one of MTV ’90s hits. That idea, although not a lot of people catch it, is showing a sort of urban apocalypse, distorted images of the frontman Chris Cornell singing in a field.

The Band

Soundgarden was born in Seattle in 1984. Formed by Cornell, Kim and Hiro Yamamoto Thayl, Soundgarden is one of the founding bands of the grunge style. They were first grunge band signing with a major label, but failed to achieve commercial success of bands such as Nirvana or imposed Pearl Jam.

The biggest success of the band is the ‘Superunknown’ album, which debuted at #1 on the Billboard charts. In 1997, the band was disbanded. Cornell originally sang, including the drums, but the band brought Scott Sunquist for Chris to be able to concentrate on vocals.

Although Soungarden attracted many labels, they needed a few years to release the debut disc, ‘Ultramega OK’. Subsequently, Soundgarden were nominated for the Grammy for best performance. In 1991, the band released ‘Badmotorfinger’. Although there has been a major success, it failed to compete with the ‘Nevermind’ album, from Nirvana.

They took a tour with Guns N ‘Roses, later claiming several concerts with Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam and Ministry. In 1994, ‘Superunknown’, the most successful album of the band came out. The last disc Soundgarden released was ‘Down on the Upside’. Due to internal conflicts, the band announced on April 9, 1997 that their musical activity will cease.

Chris Cornell continued singing, forming the band Audioslave, Cammeron Matt managed to integrate in Pear Jam, while Thayl Kim has joined forces with Dave Grohl forming the band Probot. Asked if there will be a meeting of Soundgarden, Chris Cornell said that this will not happen again.

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