After one year of marriage Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose filed for divorce. The couple first appeared on MTV’s RapFix Live in 2011 and since then all the media rooted for their love story but the two head for divorce after one year.

“Irreconcilable differences” written all over their divorce files

A lot of rumors have been going on with this couple’s divorce saying that Wiz was found by Amber at 2 a.m. with another woman but Wiz clarified that the marriage was over weeks before. Others say about Amber that she cheated but the actual facts are from their divorce files that cite the pair end their marriage because of “irreconcilable differences”. Amber is also requesting full custody of their one-year-old son, Sebastian with rights of visiting for Wiz.

Although there are no mentioning about infidelity in the documents of divorce, Amber defends herself on Twitter posting “Please stop with the fake stories. I would never ever ever cheat on my husband in a million years I think u guys know this…..” and afterwards tweeting “Unfortunately my now ex-husband can’t say the same….”

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose

Wiz, a good father for their son, Sebastian.

The couple left their relationship with a bitter taste, Wiz telling TMZ website “I just didn’t want to be married to her anymore.” Apparently there was also tension because of Wiz’s decision not to take Amber on his Under The Influence tour and other source said that “They cared very much for each other but it all happened so fast between having the baby and getting married.”

From what it looks like the two aren’t going to make peace any time soon but they keep being good parents for their son Sebastian. Fatherhood has actually changed Wiz saying “I love my son. I take care of my son. It’s like spending time with him is definitely that reset button that I be needing during the day. It’s good to have him here for that.”

Wiz Khalifa’s popular music video, Black and Yellow:

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