This movie finds an answer the age old question: “Does sex make it impossible for men and women to be true friends?” The plot revolves around the relationship between Harry and Sally who meet in college, then pursue their own lives until they reconnect ten years later. It takes them 12 years to fall in love. “When Harry Met Sally” redefines the romantic comedy. The dialogue, memorable quotes, flawless acting and directing, the sparkling chemistry between two actors, this movie is a near-perfect story of two opposites who, over time, grow to realize just how compatible they really are.

Harry meets Sally for the first time at the University, when they team up to share the driving for a trip to New York. Both plan to start their careers in the city – she as a journalist, he as a political consultant. Along the ten years of their friendship, they get together from time to time and each is involved in their own relationship, until at some point when her boyfriend has left and his wife wants a divorce. They keep on meeting until they realize they like one another, and they become friends. But at this point issue of sex gets in between them, as Sally insists that sex always gets in the scene from When Harry met Sally

Harry and Sally are supported, along the way, by their best friends, who met on a blind date arranged by the former two. But while Carrie Fisher and Bruno Kirby choose to go with the flow, Harry and Sally are tougher customers, fighting happiness every step of the way, until it finally wears them movie scene

“When Harry Met Sally…” is a definite must see. Directed by Rob Reiner, starring Billy Crystal as Harry and Meg Ryan as Sally, this film is Rob`s most conventional, in terms of structure and the way it fulfills our expectations. What makes it special is the chemistry between Crystal and Ryan, both actors being able to suggest genuine warmth and tenderness.

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