With the holidays just around the corner, many of us are trying to figure out what to buy as a gift for our loved ones. There are some who have already finished their Christmas shopping, but for those who are still behind on gift buying, we have a toplist of the best Christmas gifts for kids that you should consider buying this holiday season. The toys are not Christmas related per se, but they make for a great Christmas gift for kids nevertheless.

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So, if you are still looking for something to buy for your child or younger sibling for Christmas, we’ve got you covered! Check out the following list of the best Christmas gifts for kids and I can assure you that you’ll find something that will be perfect for the kid you’re buying the gift for. Let’s jump straight into the toplist, shall we?

6 – Pie Face Game

Let’s start off the list with a fun game that the whole family can enjoy. Pie Face is a simple, yet very entertaining game that kids love! The game has a similar concept to Russian roulette, but it is kid-friendly. According to Hasbro, the recommended age for playing this game is 5 and up. Younger children shouldn’t play the game, because of choking hazard (small parts). Other than this, due to the nature of the game, it can be enjoyed by all generations, regardless of their age.

pie face game Christmas gifts for kids

How to play the Pie Face Game?

Basically, you put whipped cream on the “hand” of the mechanism and lay your face on the chin rest that’s in front of the whipped cream. You then spin the spinner to see how many times you need to turn the handles. Here comes the fun part!

Each handle turn could launch that pie right in your face! And the best part is that you never know when you’re getting a pie to the face. The anticipation and excitement builds up until someone inevitably gets whipped creamed. Each time you turn the handles without getting pied, you receive a point. The first player to 25 points win. Simple and fun, right?

5 – Barbie Newborn Pups and Doll

Girls love Barbie dolls, but what do they love even more? ADORABLE PUPPIES! This Barbie set combines young girls’ two favorite things; cute dogs and Barbie dolls. The toy allows kids’ imagination to run wild, as they can literally become anybody when they play with Barbie dolls. The doll itself has flexible appendages and comes with various accessories.

Of course, the beauty of Barbie dolls is that kids can easily combine sets and create their own unique world. Browse around and look for other sets that your daughter or girl sibling might like. I can assure you, the selection is huge!

barbie newborn pup doll set Christmas gifts for kids

What do you get in this Barbie set?

In this Barbie set, you get a Barbie doll, a mommy dog and three little puppies. You’ll also receive a small towel and water bottle, as well as a dog delivery tub and bed. You’ll need this to deliver the newborn puppies.

This can be done by simply pushing down on the mommy dog’s head to help her give birth to the puppies. There are three small dogs included in the set and you need to apply cold water to them to see their gender. The girl who receives this as her Christmas gift is going to be delighted by it, that’s for sure!

4 – John Adams Hot Wires Electronics Kit

The John Adams Hot Wires Electronics Kit is more suited for boys, I think. In it, you’ll find various electronic components that easily snap together and a book containing guidelines for the experiments. The kit also requires four AA batteries which are not included in the box.

I don’t know about you, but an easy-to-use electronics kit would have sounded amazing when I was younger. It still does, to be honest. The Hot Wires kit teaches kids about basic circuits and introduces electronics in a fun way. Don’t get me wrong, there are some advanced experiments too. But the colorful instruction book shows every step of the experiment in a simple and understandable manner.

hot wires electronics kit box Christmas gifts for kids

What can you make with the John Adams Hot Wires Electronics Kit?

There are over a hundred different and unique experiments that you can make with this kit. Each and every experiment is illustrated in the instruction book and you get some text explaining the experiment too.

The experiments start off easy, as the first one is making a simple circuit, but they get a lot more complicated. You can make a light or touch controlled sound generator, a mini burglar alarm, a voice amplifier or even a working FM radio. Apparently, the wannabe engineers can even make a lie detector with one of these Christmas gifts for kids, so watch out for that!

3 – LEGO Star Wars BB-8 Toy

LEGO never gets old. Ever since this fascinating toy was created, kids around the world have been able to let their imagination run wild. The beautiful thing about LEGO is that the kids can basically create anything they want out of them. The best part? You can easily combine LEGO sets and make even more awesome stuff!

There are many themed LEGO sets out there and this is one of them. This set features the BB-8 robot from the new Star Wars trilogy. If you know any kid that likes the movie or the robot in particular, this is a perfect gift for them!

LEGO star wars bb-8 Christmas gifts for kids

What does the BB-8 LEGO set contain?

In this LEGO set, you will receive over 1,100 pieces that you can use to build your BB-8 robot or anything else for that matter. The set also contains a display stand for the finished project, a decorative fact plaque and even a smaller sized BB-8 figure.

Just like any other LEGO set, this one also contains a manual showcasing every single step required for this build. I think LEGO is a timeless toy that any kid would love to get for Christmas.

2 – Spin to Sing

This is yet another one of those Christmas gifts for kids that the whole family can enjoy together. The box set contains the instruction book, the microphone stick and the stand of the spinner.

You’ll also need a smartphone for this game. There’s a free app attached to the game that you’ll need to download before playing Spin to Sing.

spin to sing game set Christmas gifts for kids

How to play Spin to Sing?

Spin to Sing is very much like the classic game of spin the bottle. Up to 6 players sit in a circle and insert the game in the center. First you’ll need a playlist of songs that will be used in the game. Next, each player has to enter their name and take a selfie that will be used as their profile photo. After this, the game can begin with one of the players spinning the microphone. Whoever the microphone lands on has to sing.

There are a couple of lifelines that players can use and there are Performance cards included in the box too. These cards can be used while someone is performing to spice the performance up. There are performance cards that make the singer sing like a robot or the performer might have to rap the whole song. Performance cards introduce a fun element to the game and they make it enjoyable by even shyer members of your family.

1 – Hatchimals Surprise Playset

Back in the 90’s, we had a thing called Tamagotchi, which was a handheld digital pet that you had to take care of. Well, in 2017, kids have Hatchimals that they can hatch and evolve. These fun toys have took the world by storm and there are A LOT of people talking about this particular toy.

In this Hatchimals set, you’ll get two different Hatchimals, an instruction guide, a cheat sheet and the batteries that you’ll need for the toy.

Hatchimals box and toy Christmas gifts for kids

What can I do with Hatchimals?

The toy itself comes in an egg that the kid who is fortunate enough to get one of these Christmas gifts for kids as a present has to hatch first. There are a few different methods that this can be done, but basically the kid has to rub, tap and hold the egg. After a while, the egg will start cracking and soon a cute furry Hatchimal is going to emerge from it.

Even though this set contains two Hatchimals, they are not the same toy. One of the twins can dance, while the other is good at singing. You can even record a message that the Hatchimal will repeat after you!

It’s no wonder that the whole world went crazy after these Christmas gifts for kids, as they are truly fun. I mean, wouldn’t you have loved to get one of these as a Christmas present back when you were just a kid? I certainly would have!

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