The world is beautiful place but some areas ruin that with their terrifying legends and haunting spirits that gives you chills just to remember some experiences. Sure, there are several alien landscapes that seem strange and unexplainable but there are other forests, cemeteries or dead-end roads that just are not worth exploring no matter how culturally wise you might be afterwards.

For example, Edinburgh Castle is known for its haunted chambers and some people who don’t believe in paranormal activity wanted to give it a try for the love of science. Don’t misunderstand me, I support scientific accuracy but these experiments got the nonbelievers running in tears.

Scary incidents

Some incidents are horrifying to hear about, like the Stull Cemetery who is presumably one of the Seven Gates to Hell and has its own unidentified caretaker that advices reporters to leave before midnight when the Devil does his annual apparition. Or the feeling of getting rashes or being watched while electronic devices malfunction at the entrance of a haunted forest is definitely scary. But some of these legends are done by man and it’s even more terrifying when you know what some people can be able to do. Like the Voodoo bazaar from Togo or the legend of the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum in Cambodia.

There are places in this world that don’t have yet a scientific explanation or the real explanation is being kept as a secret. All we know is that no one should ever get lost in places like the sloppy, almost endless mines of Paris which is filled with human bones from the city’s cemeteries, in which many have died because they couldn’t find their way out.

Or if you are already having a bad day, you should stay clear of the Suicide Forest from Japan where annually over 100 bodies are found dead. The explanation to these most definitely exists and if it doesn’t it’s because sometimes there is something that simply doesn’t let you investigate the area too much. Why this happens? That is a question researchers are trying to answer themselves too.

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