6th: Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, Cambodia

The Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum is located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, a former high school that was transformed in 1975 by Khmer Rouge into a security prison. The prison was ruled under the form of torturing and murdering prisoners. Because most of the prisoners were former government officials and soldiers from the Lon Nol Regime, Khmer Rouge soon caught up with paranoia.

He soon began to send other officials and people from their ranks to prison where they were tortured. As if the unreasonable torture wasn’t bad enough, Khmer Rouge used to trick the prisoners into telling him their families and associates names who he would also arrest, torture and murder.

Unusual happenings

Tuol Sleng would estimate to 17,000 victims that would haunt today’s hallways. The murdered victims were obligated to confess crimes they didn’t commit and since then a lot of unusual happenings have occurred and people would associate them with the lost souls of a cruel man’s crimes. Most of the prisons that were murdered were Cambodians and others were Americans, French, New Zealanders, Australians, Arabs, Indians, Pakistanis and Vietnamese. To the genocide it is said that only 12 person survived.

Ten rulesHaunted place, Tuol Sleng Prison, Genocide Museum

Khmer Rouge had even a set of rules in his security regulation that was translated raw from the actual document. The ten rules sounded something like this:

You must answer accordingly to my question. Don’t turn them away.
2. Don’t try to hide the facts by making pretexts this and that, you are strictly prohibited to contest me.
3. Don’t be a fool for you are a chap who dare to thwart the revolution.
4. You must immediately answer my questions without wasting time to reflect.
5. Don’t tell me either about your immoralities or the essence of the revolution.
6. While getting lashes or electrification you must not cry at all.
7. Do nothing, sit still and wait for my orders. If there is no order, keep quiet. When I ask you to do something, you must do it right away without protesting.
8. Don’t make pretext about Kampuchea Krom in order to hide your secret or traitor.
9. If you don’t follow all the above rules, you shall get many many lashes of electric wire.
10. If you disobey any point of my regulations you shall get either ten lashes or five shocks of electric discharge.

5th: Shades of Death Road, New Jersey

The New Jersey road is named not after locals, as many would think, but it’s the official creepy name. It runs 7 miles of countryside road. Why is the road named this way? With its original history being lost, many others came afterwards with theories regarding the name and unusual activity that goes around.


Some say the road is named after a man who used to rob and kill passers along the highway, others claim it was because the atrocious vengeances of the locals due to the highwaymen’s murderers that got them killed and have their bodies hung up as further warnings. Another theory says that the name was related to the three murderers that happened in the 1920’s and 1930’s.

haunted places, Shades of Death Road, New JerseyOne of the murders had to do with a thief who beat his victim with a tire iron over his head until he was dead. The second one regarded a woman who decapitated her husband and buried his head on one side of the road and the body on the other side. And the third one saw Bill Cummins killed by gunshot and buried in a mud pile.

Other theories say that the name is attributed to the huge number of killings lead by the car crashes and others say that it’s because of the wildcats that lived near Bear Swamp. The actual and most prominent explanation is that malaria-caring mosquitos used to terrify the people every year and because the living area was so inaccessible to good medical care. It is known that, in 1884, almost all the swamps that were located in the area were drained.

Ghost Lake

The frightening name and theories aren’t the only ones that gave the road such a terrifying reputation. South from the I-80 overpass is the place of a presumably haunted lake, also known as the “Ghost Lake”. The name comes from the unusual masses of something similar to vapors that lie above the lake and because of the sky that tends to be strangely bright around the lake regardless of the time of the night.

The ghosts of the slayed people by the highway killer are known to wander off in the area, most of the time in the cabin that is located across “Ghost Lake”. At the road’s dead-end we find another creepy activities like thick fog and paranormal apparitions. The dead-end road is called “Lenape Lane” and its frightening story is that the uncanny place is haunted by white apparitions and lights that might chase you.

A case from around the 1990’s reveals that a couple of visitors found one day hundreds of disturbing Polaroid photos spread around the road. The visitors shared some the photos with the “Weird NJ” publication which published a series of samples with images showing things like a television which was changing its channels, an unidentified woman which sat on a metal object who was alive but was not smiling. Once the issue was publicized, police tried to start an investigation but to no end, since the rest of the photos disappeared shortly after their publication was made.

4th: Byberry Mental Asylum

Byberry is Philadelphia’s State Hospital Mental Asylum were patients were treated for maltreatments. Founded in 1907, the asylum had 7,000 patients in 1960 and that is when it reached its maximum. The patients were suffering from all kind of mental illnesses and even the criminally insane were housed.

The hospital had dreadful conditions and the patients were treated unhuman, therefor it was shut down in 1990. Since then it has been an annoyance for the neighborhood because of the vandals, pyromaniacs and Satanists that keep coming to the abandoned hospital. It was demolished in 2006, after 16 years.

haunted places, Byberry Mental AsylumThe terror that stands behind Byberry wasn’t the haunting or unpleasant people that were around the building after it was closed. Although it wasn’t recommended to explore the hospital after dark if you cared for your safety. The dreadful aspect of Byberry was the cruel way it was run. The hallways were filled with human excrements and patients would sleep there.

Unsolved murder cases

The personnel was extremely abusive with patients, harassing them and exploiting them. One of the patients had its tooth pulled out without any Novocaine. Another patient, Charles Gable, killed a fellow female patient and dismembered her. The killer wasn’t found but the female’s body was found thrown away across the hospital while another patient was found playing with her teeth.

When Byberry was ready to close its doors, another two released patients were found dead in the Delaware River, after they were released in two consecutive days.

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