We all know that the American market is one of the most powerful on the globe but we seem to forget that their power is mainly build on foreign trusts like China or Japan. Not to mention the recent events that cut their communication and transactions with Russia, one of the biggest market opening there is available out there.

Nothing, nada can prevent the US dollar from falling like a piece of meat from the sky. Why? Their dangerous gameplay alerted all the outside markets that the dollar is not for trust and focused their target anywhere else than the American Market.

We all understand that Apple and Microsoft will never have a better alternative on the gadgets market, but at a point the overall picture will be saturated and every person will have it’s personal phone one way or another cause some are dumped at the trash, some are resold, some are stolen and so on, and the innovative options are getting shorter and shorter as our eyes can capture.

What we’ll be able to do more on a device? Pancakes? I’d buy that shit, trust me. And Samsung and all that Japanese companies will express their dominance on the outside markets and considering the oil market in America is getting weaker and weaker as the years pass, the gold reserve is getting shortened as well used mostly in devices and sophisticated food, the American reign will soon come to an end. It’s just a matter of when. The rest is certain. I’m not the only one considering this, having aside lotsa converging prognostics.

6. Even the Harvard experts are afraid of that.

worst prediction on dollarOne of the classic economist and also a Harvard professor Terry Burnham told the world that he was going to withdraw $1 Million from his Bank of America account cause of the negative reaction after Ben Bernake and Janet Yellen have had on the US dollar,  trying to create a trend, bank running, instigating the others to do the same.

It’s like in the “The Big Short” movie where the banks were all targeted as the house market consequence. The actual decline was not owned by the house market itself, but of the general lack of trust in it., making all the big players fear of their stalks, selling them to whoever desired, depraving the “big fellows” of their TRUST funds.

Lotsa people don’t really consider themselves Americans for the simple fact that most so called Americans are actually European, plus the fact that are some kind of people that keep grudges against the system, especially the American system, cause there are so much nutt-cases in there I can’t describe you.

There are people preparing in the most serious ways for the end of the world, and there lots of them, nothing serious happened in decades, but they are waiting, and  how a Japanese fellow of his name Haruki Murakami: Everyone, deep in their hearts, is waiting for the end of the world to come”.

And they are kinda provoking it, refusing to pay taxes and staying away from the human civilization and seeding in other people minds the idea of failure, making them to follow the retarded trend. There is going to be and end to something, cause everything has a beginning and an end, but not the world, the trends, the system composure, the leaders, but not the world guys. Think better about it…

5. The US dollar will be much worse than in Spain or in Greece.

dollar collapse predictionThe American billionaire Donald Trump says the dollar is on the edge of an economic ruin, having as it’s remedy the economic collapse so as the reconstruction would be made at the base with healthy structures I’d may add. He said that ugly prognostic during an appearance on Fox News. More actually he issued a warning to Americans to prepare for “financial ruin”.

Even though he said these I assume that is more as a presidential campaign than a real actual prediction. The collapse will not survey in the next years to come but he “prepares” the audience for his arrival.

Trump says the United States is no longer a rich country for the simple fact that rich country don’t borrow money as they do. Trump claims that the US is becoming the third world nation forced to borrow money in this was issuing a financial debt, fact that would ruin and destabilize the American economy.

When asked “When will the US dollar collapse” he replied when their debt will hit $21-$22 Trillion Mark, things will be getting much, muuch worse.

Even though he is an obnoxious figure to me, he is still an economic expert, and one of the best in the world I’d may say and he really knows his shit. Their country had much, much to suffer after the 9/11, compromising the American security in the worst way possible, a country that can not create security for their own citizen, alongside the financial crisis in 2008, when everything fell apart, things could easily go this slope way very easy, it’s not like it never happened before and America is not at his first strike, having numerous of them in the past having posing the question, when this will end for them? At the resource finish? Hope not.

4. Even the US government will stop using the dollar

worst predictions on the dollarHaving the dollar collapsing will make the currency pretty useless and even the American government will discard the currency. Why? It will be pretty worthless and everybody will fear it.

Jeff Berwick, an editor at The Dollar Vigilante, what the fuck of name is that? Aanyway… says the government will see the dollar as a toxic waste and will easily discard it having all the Americans obsessing over the next presidential race at the television, not interested in their current situation. What current situation? Another TV scheme? Fuck you.

He said that what happened to Ukraine could easily happen to America. What the actual fuck? Those situation are not at all the same, one is near Russia and the collapse happened cause of their riot against the system and I haven’t seen any American torn by the sympathies to different parties. They are the all same shit. They all want money and again money, and it doesn’t count where is that coming from. Stealing, borrowing, is like the same to them.

He also predicts that the financial ruin could easily come “overnight” saying that the US is “turning corner” and headed for total financial ruin like in the next second, nearly this year. I tell you, this guy is half- stupid. Even though the Ukrainians could see their ruin from afar, the Americans will not be able to do that, why?

Cause there are no war zones in there and the economy is solid strong constructed, the main question is what bank will cause the domino reaction for fuck up the economy. And while the Americans will not see that coming too early, could be able to happen “overnight”, he also states “there is not paper money in 2014 and 2015 that’s going to be worth much of anything”.

Berwick often says the “end of the monetary system as we know it” and states that the creditors will soon be starting to confiscate the debts to pay creditors like China. That is kinda the only way but m’eh.

3. Federal reserve insolvency will cause a 90% drop in the dollar

dollar collapse predictionWhy? Cause all the internationally reserve is heading for a collapse, or so the financial expert and author of Currency Wars thinks, Jim Richards, thing that will not force us to live in caves. In fact we’ve seen three economic collapses in the last century, signs that the economy is trying to stabilize itself since the bank system was invented by the teutons.

He even wrote a book, in which he suggested that the dollar will see the worst of the economic collapse being part of the “death of money” as he calls it, being too based on the dollar currency in the worldwide market, being much more than a standard than an option. He says that a decreed in currency is stabilized more of the confidence a population has in its currency  and the welcome with open arms for business, a situation not present in the US.

As well the “lousy business environment” destabilizes the power that the dollar has in the international market and the dollar-euro swaps will make the situation much more worse than the last collapse.

The business market is over-saturated in the US with people having business in selling potatoes with messages on It for an example, not producing something reliant in the production system, and there are lots of similar cases where services occupy a large portion in the business market rather than production ones and there are lotsa people who succeeded outta nothing and simply don’t really contribute to the stability, having loans put on loans, debts over debts with nothing concrete to saturate their financial stability, thing that will unbalance the loans system if they will not be able to pay off.

2. The US dollar will loose its Reserve Currency status.

worst prediction on dollarWith heavy competitors like China, Japan or Korea there on the market, the US meltdown it’s just a step away. The China currency, the yuan is rising as days pass, growing more and more important in the worlds affairs and it’s not by accident. In the last decade the Chinese market has grown larger and larger with a preponderant participation in the worlds markets, excluding good products with cheaper ones.

With the overcome of China over Japan and America, coming in the first place of the top economies, of course based as well on its big population, has easily overcome American products no longer seek, replaced with Chinese ones. Correlated with the fat that US has a huge debt that nobody wants to expose, taking of the risk of alerting people and starting the general panic. China almost owns US but US doesn’t want to be a thing brought public, after years and years of borrows.

Having Apple with huge prices made as well Samsung the no.1 in technology market, the only thing America was good at been took over by the Korean phenomena. The Asian market is the biggest threat US can have, normally having no real competitors in the past, but with Japan in the second place in the world economy and so much other cheep labor force around there I can’t see US handling it very well.

With seven reserve currencies with no other coming even close to the American dollar, with the main competitor having it from the euro, the American power covers over 63% of them, with only 21% coming from the main competitor in Europe. There was a time when the British hold the power but it collapsed after WWII, having the dollar replacing the German mark. Imagine if  having the world collapsing after gathering all that amount of money in that percentage…it will be a total mess.

1. Russia will ban the US dollar.

worst predictions on dollarAfter the Ukrainian crisis having America to stand of for the little yellow and blue country, Russia got really mad of when some of their folks were convicted and charged upon the national involvement. Imagine this.

The biggest country in the world doesn’t like you anymore and it’s a neighbor as well. They will not salute you anymore, borrow money or transact any kind of resources. With the resource on the verge of ending and the largest power feeding the main competitor, China, I’d say US is really fucked up.

Russian legislator Mikhail Degtyarev has assimilated nationally the US dollar to a worldwide Ponzi scheme, one he claims will ruin the dollar in the next years, more actually in the 2017. All the Russian in consequence are forbidden to use or change US dollars, anyone having that type of money will be taken upon and reimbursed 30 days later. However the dollar is the only currency banned in their country, but Russian will still be able to have offshore bank accounts and buy in dollars online.

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