9. Princess Letitzia of Spain

2010-04-12-L1Letitzia became the queen consort after her husband’s coronation – Prince of Asturias, as King of Spain. The ex-journalist without noble origins imposed her modern style and brought a note of glamour over the Royal Family of Spain. Unfortunately, she didn’t seduce the Spanish at all because they say she is … too cold.

Characterized as a nice person, active and spontaneous, Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano was born on September 15th, 1972, in Oviedo and people say she brought some freshness on the image of the Royal Family of Spain. A member of the family even told his British
Biographer – Andrew MortonDona Letizia has opened up Don Felipe’s mind.

Letitzia is also the perfect fashionista so, we could say that even Kate Middleton might learn a few tips from her. She is very elegant, but also modern, actually, every young lady’s dream. Letitzia glows on each public appearance and, what’s really impressive she is a very bold woman. Specialists say that until now, only Princess Diana managed to do this.

8. Rania, Queen of Jordan

1hmqr844 years old, Rania, the Queen of Jordan is also a very beautiful and stylish woman. Rania Al Abdullah is the wife of King Abdullah the 2nd of Jordan. They met at a party in 1993 and only two months later, they announced their engagement.

Even if she is a Muslim, she manages to exit the specific patterns and she has become an example of refinement for women all over the world. The most famous designers in the world adore her and Giorgio Armani even said that she has a top-model body and she looks exactly like a queen so she is the best woman a man can desire.

7. Jetsun Pema

king-jigme-khesar-namgyel-wangchuck_queen-jetsun-pema_relationships_birthdays--h=500Jetsun Pema is the beautiful queen of Buthan state, considered the happiest country in the world. Prince of Buthan first met Jetsun at one family picnic. At that time she was only 7 years old and he was 17. Even since then he told her that if they are still alone when they will both be adults he will marry her. And he kept his promise: on October 13th 2011, King Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck married his beautiful bride, 20 years old at that time, in a traditional Buddhist ceremony.
Her traditional wedding dress is called kira and the manufacturing process for this dress lasted for three years. As a queen, Pema will have to wear clothes colored as her kham (elements of birth), as the Tibetan astrology requests.
The Kingdom of Bhutan, a country in the South of Asia, located on the bottom of the Himalayan Mountains, is very well known for the happiness inside. They are also preparing to shortly become the country with 100 percent organic alimentation. Most of the people are farmers so they manage to obtain their food in the most natural way.

6. Inkhosikati LaMbikiza

4874fc0ace48fb93f3e29b3157e2e3bbInkhosikati LaMbikiza is wife of King Mswati the Third of Swaziland. The queen obtained the status of Main Wife among the 15 wives Mswati has. She gave up her studies to marry the king and she became the first wife the king chose for himself, after his first marriages which were only formal. This queen kind of broke the laws in her country and she studied Law after she got married. She actually got her university degree in Law, but practicing her job is prohibited from her because judges may feel influenced and vote in her favor on trials.
Inkhosikati LaMbikiza managed to surprise also by becoming the first queen who recorded a gospel album and she conquered especially the American press with her outfits. According to the law in Swaziland, the king has the right to marry every year, and in 2013 Mswati married an 18 year old girl, reaching 15 wives.
People say that the king spends around 38 millions of euro every year to sustain his family and at least four of his wives have left the harem accusing him of physical and emotional violence. Mswati the Third has the ultimate power over more than one million citizens of Swaziland, ruling one of the worlds last absolute monarchies.

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