To be honest the title in this article is a bit untrue, cause till the end, if a society is secret, then there is no possible way that we knew about her. Anyhow there are numerous secret societies with anonymous members, with unclear intentions which holds more or less power and they are completely shrouded in mystery.

Their purpose isn’t all that clearing, making most people fear of their intentions, the simple name making them to have Goosebumps. They are mostly blamed for everything that is going wrong in this world, or wanting them to disperse from the face of the earth cause their lack of utility for the poor.

Sincerely I’ve heard about time long time ago and didn’t really care. It was like, I want In too, being just too fucking curious. You can never know that lurks behind the curtain of mist. Some organization are considered bad like the masonry and others are considered proper for the society like the Anonymous.  Those from the last I’d like to meet, no doubt in that, I only like the masks, I want one too. Tihee

Regularly they are based on high-power members that come together having the same kind of interest and experiences, a banquet if you want to take it that way, in which they have some fun I suppose or simply trying to get the control over the world. Muhahah.

Skipping chatty mood, let’s get straight to no. 8

8. Bilderberg

top secret societiesIn every year there is a conference in which participates 150 of the most influential persons in the world. This is called the Bilderberg group and theoretically speaking this society is not secret having even its own web site but their meetings and discussions are extremely secret and impossibly to be heard.

The participants counts politicians, monarchs, business men, bankers and in generally very influent people that gather around annually to have open conversations and informal about the global tendencies, society problems and the future of the world, or at least they pretend to do so.

Officially the organization was created in 1954 to enhance better the relationship between US and Europe, but since their group evolved and had been transformed in something else letting more and more to speculate of their malevolent intentions or about plans of world domination.

If it’s really true of if they have good intentions we are unable to know those kinda things, cause till the end we are not presidents, not monarchs or billionaire. But if you, are one of those and participated in one of those discussions tell us please what’s all about. We promise not to tell .

Usually they are people that hand around the G8, G8 being the top producers as a country in which there counts their presidents, big bosses in the monster companies such as oil or technology, an which want to create a healthy market in which they get the biggest hold of everything, practically erasing the competition…

7. Opus Dei

secret societies listIs an institution belonging to the Catholic Church created in 1928 by the minister Hose Maria Escriva which has almost 90000 members counting in the world. This institution is extremely controverted and secretive. Officially her purpose is spreading the Christian-Catholic  doctrine promoting the accepting of God and the road to be saint in every day.

An apparent innocent purpose, but till the end isn’t that the purpose of Vatican and all the churches in general? The dubious part is that Opus Dei that means the work of God is a parallel institution that is completely separate from Vatican and acknowledged by it even though theoretically they believe in the same principles.

About this one it is speculated that it has a huge influence and hidden in ways that we can’t imagine, being often compared with a masonic institution or a mafia group. The members of this institution are separated in two categories.

The first of them consist in people that have a normal life with normal families and careers but the other one consist in individuals that are completely dedicated exclusively to the church.

Practically these renounce their whole life for the institution, dedicating all their time and money to it, they are celibate and if we were to follow some stories they daily practice auto-torture to be reminded every day about their humility and their religious task.

6. The freemasonry

secret clubs toplistIs ironically one of the most renowned of the secret societies in the world even if recently it stopped being so secret or at least apparent. About the freemasonry there were written and made numerous speculations. From world domination to symbols and secret gestures.

What is most clear is the fact that some of the most renowned people were and are masons. George Washington, Albert Einstein, Houdini, Mozart, Thomas Edison, Winston Churchill even Colonel Sanders from KFC.

Mainly very much leaders and very influential persons around the world are making part of this group, rooting the conspiracy theories, but the truth may seem, widely, that the freemasonry is some sort of social club. A very big one based on traditions and ancient rituals, and like any other club their members have the tendency to make themselves favors and help each other.

It’s hard to tell what the freemasonry is really doing, controlling the world or some of the people in there that are ruling the world have the tendency to sign up for it. Till the end the world is vast and complex and can’t be summarized in a single sentence. Anyhow it is clear that the freemasonry is humongous with hundreds of lodges all around the world full of powerful people as well as common people.

5. Ku Klax Klan

secret societiesProbably everyone has heard of Ku Klax Klan or the way it is abbreviated KKK. This is an organization that is promoting the superiority of the white race and that considers that any other kind of ethnicity is inferior by its nature.

The members of this organization are dressing in the well know costumes of sharpened ghosts for concealing their identity from obvious reasons having in view that their activities are lotsa times violent and may be considered terrorist.

KKK has started once with the ending of the Civil War in America when the black people were released from slavery. This situation wasn’t well seen by some, mostly been ex-slave owners that formed this organization that fought for the war against the black people as well as other races, not counting that they were Hispanic, Asians or Jews.

The ideology went toe-to-toe with the Nazism, the two movements being most often connected. Even though nowadays this movement is dying, there still are thousands of members which can’t seem to find something better to do with their lives.

4. Anonymous

secret societies listUnlike the other secret societies presented in here, the following is a new, modern organization that uses the technology and the internet for fulfilling their objectives.

I am referring to the activists hackers, Anonymous, and anonym organization in case I wasn’t clear about that, very frightened by all the other organizations, which hasn’t a very well defined structures being more based on some ideas, some principles and anyone can be part of this organization by sustaining this principles.

These are using their skills in the digital programming, meaning they know to use a PC and and usually take steps in stopping or annoying diverse organizations which those don’t agree to. In sign of protests they stopped the site from some countries like USA, Tunisia, Israel, Uganda or collapsed the sites from huge corporations like PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Sony and recently they declared war to the Isis organization and succeeding in bringing down numerous accounts from the members of it, which those used them to communicate with each other.

Anonymous are protecting their identities with specific masks that most of us recall from the movie V for Vendetta, but they are inspired by a British soldier and revolutionary called Guy Fox, but about him I’ll talk some other time, I dunno.

3. Blackwater

secret groups listThe following is not a secret society in the classic way, but similar and at least as controverted as the previous. Blackwater is a private security company or in other terms an army of mercenaries implicated in all sort of scandals and top secret operations that we are unable to know about them till the bottom of the barrel.

These guys were hired by the American government in diverse major wars or other similar conflicts. You could ask yourself why America, the country with the biggest and most developed army in the history needs the services from a private company in terms of army.

Well here comes the interesting part. Blackwater is not found in the usual jurisdiction of the government, render them able to do all sorts of operations which would be impossible of obtaining in normal circumstances, they don’t need the same governmental approbation for their steps.

The government can detach from their activities in a way that would not be able with the state army and their operations, which are in most cases extremely violent and devastating being able to be illegal without negative consequences and without startling reactions and protests from the people.

2. Illuminati

secret societiesIs the mother of all secret societies and usually confused with the freemasonry, but in reality those two are completely different being funded hundred years distance and the main difference is that the freemasonry still exists for sure.

Illuminati was a secret society funded in 1776 in Bavaria with the purpose to overcome the religious overcome of the Catholic church and to stop their influence in the social and political life. Even though it was a small society, the members of it were particularly influent and occupied important leading positions.

The original movement has stopped long ago when their anti-religious ideology made its purpose through law. Many consider that the organization never fully disappeared and that it still exist far from curious people. It is speculated that it was involved in numerous historic events from the French Revolution to the assassination of J. F. Kennedy.

Some consider that those are ruling in secret the world and there are speculations that the Bildeberg goup that was presented earlier is the modern continuation of this ancient secret society, which is trying to improve the humanity through logic, ration and humanism.

1. The Boehme Club

secret organisation listIn every year in the Northern California there takes place a gathering in which participate one of the most powerful people in the world. The location is called Bohemian Growth and it is some sort of natural reservation of over 1000 Acres and the people coming to these gatherings are calling themselves the Boehme club and summaries ex American presidents, worldwide industrial leaders, artists, musicians and media barons.

The security in these gatherings is humongous therefor there are known very little about this club but along the period there were journalists that knew how to infiltrate during the activities and what the succeeded filming is straight outrageous.

Those present there are dressed up in special costumes, they bow down to a huge wooden owl which represents a god named Mollock and they lighten up an empty casket in which they pretend that is a simulation of human sacrifice.

Remember that the people that do these kinda things are incredibly powerful and influent and American presidents as well and the official explanation that they gave only after they were exposed are extremely dubious. They are saying that are celebrating druid rituals and that the casket burning alongside the owl represents only a theatrical act that celebrates summer and the nature.

Even though officially those pretend that in these places the politics are never discussed and there are not happening any decisions, it’s very well-known that here was a reunion that lead to the creation of the Manhattan project, the one that had launched the first and the single nuclear warheads over Japan in the second world war. If you want to find out more you can watch the documentary of Alex Jones, the journalist that succeeded to infiltrate and filming the group and their rituals.

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