Right from the old ages people have had a thing for gossip and scandal. And while people form the middle and lower classes are also subjected to gossips, the potential scandals they get involved in are not as perturbing as the ones involving people from the high class such as celebrities, influential people, politicians or royals.

So throughout history, it has been more likely for someone to hear something like: the town’s fool is the pastor’s secret son. Did the queen really elope with the foreign prince? With whom did the king get married for the eighth time? Is the emperor that short? Someone said that the queen is a witch because she has an extra finger!

Have you read the newspaper article on the president’s brother dating that actress? That catwalk model and that boy band singer are getting engaged and he is still married! And many many others…

Here come the American Royals

So, if we are to discuss the people whose scandals are no particularly numerous, but quite outstanding, we cannot forget the most controversial family from the past years – the Kardashian family with a touch of the Jenners. If in our previous article we told you some things about the women in the family and why they are absolutely lovable, it is now the time to point out all or at least some of their most controversial incidents because oh, boy!

There are plenty of scandals and everyone knows at least a couple of those indiscretions and scandals, whether important or not, because the media loves the Kardashians and all the attention they can get. People either love them or hate them, but as soon as they are mentioned in a headline, everyone has to know what is all about and keep up with the Kardashians.

When it is meant to be…

controversial kim kardashianOut there in the world are many rich people who are not in the media’s eyes. The average people are so used with certain names, that it is a shock to find out who are the actual richest ones on this planet – financially speaking. So, while the Kardashians are wealthy, it is not their wealth what got them famous.

Back in the 90s then when Kris was recently divorced from Robert Sr., he was protecting the sportsman O. J. Simpson accused of allegedly murdering his wife and her friend. After the case ended, they went back to their opulent lives and returned to public eye only in 2007 when the second daughter, the famous Kim Kardashian, had her sex tape leaked, people remembered who they were and got their own show.

And in all these following years, each member of the family, be it a Kardashian by blood or a Jenner by name, took by turn the headlines and spotlight with different occurrences. Now the question is who exactly is the most controversial one out of the eight?

8. Rob Kardashian

kardashian familyThe only man between all the women (if we do not count Kourtney’s sons), Robert Jr.’s existence tends to be forgotten by everyone, media and family, and has been rudely nicknamed “the lost Kardashian”. Due to him not being that much in centre of attention, he is perceived as the least controversial member of the family, yet he still has his slips.

Socks, drugs, but no rock and roll

Being in a family full of entrepreneurs or at least full of people who pretty much know what they want from their lives, Rob has felt rather useless. His line of socks was not so well received – mostly because of the exaggerated prices – and his dreams of enrolling in law school faded away as quickly as they had risen.

Adding two failed relationships, one with former Disney actress Adrienne Bailon and singer Rita Ora, whom he presumably treated not very well, Rob has succumbed into drug, alcohol and food. Intoxicated, gaining weight and very depressed, Rob’s life is far away from the Kardashian dream.

Family Feud

One thing is a fact: the dynamic mother and daughter duo Kris and Kim are not exactly fond of Rob. Tabloids’ sources claim that Kris is ashamed of her son and does not want him by her side, while conflicts between Kim and Rob concluded with him not attending his sister’s wedding to rapper Kanye West.

Not only that, but Rob has also skipped the family’s vacation in Thailand and refused to appear further on “Keeping up with the Kardashians”. The only one who has shown to genuinely care about him and gave him all her support is Khloe, but he has apparently pushed her away too lately.

7. Kendall Jenner

kardashian familyKendall is a quiet sweetheart who is totally dedicated to her job as a model. Unlike her sisters, mother and father, she mostly appears in the press for her work, but of course, she has had some moments that made her worthy of her family’s reputation, the latest one still being a fresh subject and something most pop culture and gossip websites are debating right now.


What most people might not know is that Kendall, in her passion for modeling, has done too much for her young body and she was at some point hospitalized for exhaustion. Kendall declared that she “just got so tired from work and life and everything that it freaked me out at the end of the year.

Being a young model and part of the Kardashian-Jenner family can mean a lot of pressure and Kendall pointed at this pressure through a video in which she reenacts a scene from theMean Girls” movie by writing in the infamous Burn Book all sort of trashy things people say about her, including that she made a career and name on her family’s back. To such statements, Kendall simply responded that her name is Jenner and she is not a Kardashian, therefore she does not rely on them for her career.

Girl talk

We all know that the new wave feminism is something that has attracted many women, including celebrities. Considering herself not exactly a feminist but a young woman who worked a lot to get noticed in the fashion industry, Jenner joined in 2014 Chanel’s Feminist Rally Fashion Show along Gisele Bundchen and Cara Delevingne.

And to get back to the current issue involving Kendall, the girl has just been dragged into an internet fight without realizing. While on her sister’s show “Kocktails with Khloe”, Kendall commented on the reenactment of the Twitter fight between Nicky Minaj and MTV’s “Teen mom” star Farrah Abraham.

Minaj criticized Farrah’s rude and disrespectful attitude towards her mother and Jenner admitted to be on Nicky’s side, as she does not agree with Farrah’s life choices. Of course the young mother did not keep her mouth shut and made some nasty posts aimed at Kendall’s family.

6. Kourtney Kardashian

kardashian familyShe is the best Kardashian girl, but she is not necessarily perfect. Kourtney’s life revolves around her children and her career. Despite having her own spin offs and constantly being on “Keeping up with the Kardashians”, she tends to be quite private. Though, she has had her slips and we are not talking about those moments when she shades Kim for being egocentric.

140% mother

If you happen to be an avid “Keeping up with the Kardashians” fan, you probably remember the moment Kourtney gave birth to her first child, Mason. That is because the entire moment was caught on camera for the show, especially because she pulled out her baby with her own hands. Same thing happened a few years late. Penelope’s birth was filmed and Kourtney pulled out her second baby on her own.

Though, things went differently with her third child, as the eldest Kardashian daughter refused to have her son’s birth filmed for national television, causing some divergences between Kris and her. But these stories are rather innocent compared to the paternity scandals.

In 2013, the man with whom Kourtney had one time fling declared to the press that he is Mason’s father, but the entire thing was proven to be just a desperate attempt to get some money and 5 minutes of fame and a paternity test confirmed that Mason is Scott’s son. Following the couple’s break up, rumors about Reign’s paternity are now all over the internet.

All you need is love

Another thing that was caught on camera was a steamy moment between Kourtney and her babies’ dad, when Kim walked right into them having sex on the balcony in one episode. Now Kourtney and Scott’s long term relationship has ended and they seem to get along a little better than after the break up, but there always seem to be rumours on their fidelity and the fact that they did not get married despite having 3 children.

At some point they both accused each other of cheating and presumably Scott cheated on Kourtney with her own sisters, Khloe and Kendall. Though, this might just be a strategy of getting more attention and have people focused on the family. But what is certain is that the woman tried really hard to get over all the drama and boost her confidence – by posing really sexy and all naked again and hanging out with Justin Bieber.

5. Kris Jenner

mother of kardashiansWe could not have forgotten about the matriarch. Kris is a woman who loves making deals and gainful businesses and this makes her often look like a greedy self-centred woman. Bur can we really judge her? She sees her interest and she sees the potential. If people had not been so gossip prone, her family would not have been so famous and successful. But of course, the fame monster implies some sacrifices and dirty secrets.

The past is in the past

As we already mentioned, part of the Kardashian’s fame came from the O. J. Simpson’s murder trial. While Robert was on O. J.’s side, Kris felt uneasy because Nicole used to be her dear friend, but the two were already divorced back then. Why? Kris found herself a nice man to cheat on Robert with. Following the divorce, Kris eventually married former athlete Bruce Jenner, but once they resurfaced in the media’s eyes, another secret from the past was brought to light – her daughter, Khloe’s paternity, who has been presumed for a long time to not be Robert’s actual daughter.


Kris has been heavily criticized for the surgeries she underwent, being mocked for either looking like the Disney villainess Yzma or looking like a balloon. But her appearance is not the only thing she seems to be obsessed with. The other thing would be her daughter Kim.

In an episode of “Keeping up with the Kardashians” her other children complained about her making distinctions between her children, the two Jenner girls being distant from their parents, Khloe getting hurt by the paternity rumours, Rob being always left out and forgotten and Kourtney feeling used. There is no denial that Kris loves her kids, but she has a wicked way of showing it.

4. Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian, the kardashian familyAs we said in our previous article, Khloe is the heart and soul of the family; she is like a giant teddy bear always radiating and smiling, always willing to help the others and ready for a new prank. But regardless of what she shows on the outside, on the inside she has suffered a lot. Because no matter how much she tries to stay positive, life kicks her hard.


When it comes to the men in her life, Khloe seems to be the most unlucky person in her family. It has been presumed that she is not her father’s daughter because of her mother’s past and because she is unlike her sisters – tall and light skinned. She connected quite well with her sister’s boyfriend Scott and her brother Rob always held a special place in her heart and free time.

But both men had their problems and got estranged from her and the family. When Lamar came into her life and she thought that she had finally found happiness, but then cheating, drugs and scandals happened. And while she does not speak about this issue anymore, the fact that she tried so hard and failed to conceive a baby, really struck her down.

Problems problems problems

But problems are not related strictly to the men in her life. Khloe caught herself in some ugly things too. Khloe spent a short time in jail because she drove under alcohol influence. While she left this incident behind her, the media found another thing to mock her about – her wardrobe malfunctions while presenting “X Factor”: ripped dresses and visible nipples.

3. Caitlyn Jenner

kardashian familyFormerly known as Bruce, the former Olympic athlete had her share of problems. While usually perceived as the passive and quiet husband of the stormy Kris, Caitlyn has become her own persona and a favourite subject to discuss in the tabloids.

She is Cait

Of course, while some were assuming that Bruce is changing, people did not truly believe it until Caitlyn finally appeared on the cover of “Vanity Fair”, in a reminiscence of Marilyn Monroe’s white swimsuit, all transformed and inviting people to “Call me Caitlyn”. The transformation came as a shock to everyone, the average TV watchers and magazine readers and her own family.

Her coming out got her an award for woman of the year and this is where things got messy. Most people are not yet open minded towards transgender people and many claimed it unfair for someone like her to steal such award from other women.

Murder she wrote

In 2015 Caitlyn got into a car crash in Malibu which ended up with the death of Kim Howe and Jenner’s walking away. While normally such an accident must have sent her to jail, Caitlyn simply walked away and the manslaughter was barely ever mentioned again, except for the victim’s children assuming that the treatment with hormones must have affected Jenner and demanding to know if the medication might have been responsible for the accident.

2. Kylie Jenner

selfie, Kylie JennerThe youngest member of the family bloomed like a flower or how the media likes to joke about her, she transformed from an ugly ducking into a beautiful swan. While she might do anything extremely relevant or worthy to be discussed of, the media is developing a huge obsession on her and everything she does is immediately a subject of debate.

In the name of beauty

People started to notice Kylie only after she started changing her look. Her average appearance was abandoned for a more seductive one with fuller lips and crazy hair colours. Of course she was immediately criticised and questioned whether she underwent surgery before she turned 18.

And while this is indeed a random subject to discuss, Kylie gave the media more with each sexy photo of her and eventually with a controversial photo. The photo was meant to be just artistic by having Kylie painted in a darker colour, but due to further effects, people misinterpreted it as blackface and attacked her merciless.

Young and restless

Before being the it-girl, Kylie was known to have had a short teen romance with Will Smith’s son Jaden, but once she became the mini Kim for the press, people got interested into her new relationship with musician Tyga. The romance was the most controversial as Kylie was still underage and Tyga was a grown up man with a child. After turning 18, people just saw this as an opportunity for a cat fight between Kylie and her lover’s ex.

1. Kim Kardashian

the most controversial member, Kim kardashianOf course the one who brought the family on the small screen is the most controversial Kardashian family member. Kim went from the unnoticeable friend of Paris Hilton, who had at some point bad sunburn that left her sunglasses shape imprinted on her face. But Kim had her own cards to play and she slowly climbed on ladder of fame.

Where it all started

People became aware once again of the Kardashians once Kim was caught in a scandal involving her sex tape leaked. Though, before her relationship with Ray J, Kim was married to another man from the age of 19 and only separated form him because of abuse and mistreatment.

Throughout the years Kim changed a lot, if we are to look at pictures of her from the past and from the present, but something that persisted was her willingness to make her body well known with multiple nudes, either posted by herself or by a famous photographer for a more famous publication.

Her own way

Going back to marriages, between her first marriage and the current one with Kanye West, Kim had a pompous wedding to Kris Humphries which lasted less than half a year. While getting ready for the big event, the two seemed very much in love, but there many things that one wished for and the other did not.

Kim did not want to change her last name, or to move from Los Angeles. Kris was dreaming of a simple life next to a nice housewife and Kim was obviously not willing to give up her ostentatious life. The marriage ended up with a mutual hate and Kris feeling used by the family. Fortunately, Kim seems to have found the perfect husband who loves her life style.

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