She is one of the top singers and composers of the moment, but she’s also got one more than famous fashion signature on being outrageous, extreme and, most of the times, almost unbearable! On the stage, on the red carpet and even on the street, Lady Gaga’s appearances usually look like a yell of haute couture, several times taken to extreme. If the musical critics received her from the beginnings with mostly positive comments, we don’t know if we can say quite the same about fashion critics describing her looks! But … as much as she desires to shock all the time by appearance, during the years she managed to create a Gaga look which usually means covered face, horrible wigs, impossible to wear high heels and hats and lingerie worn sight. So, she kind of got everybody used to this sort of appearances and we would probably scream if we saw her photographed wearing blue jeans and a classic top or a regular shirt.

Lady Gaga style

Lady Gaga was appreciated by the critics as an artist who revolutionized the pop music, by her inclusion of techno elements in her plays which often discuss subjects like sexuality, self confidence, love and love failures. In an interview for MTV, Lady Gaga claimed that her music is strongly influenced by the fashion world. She actually said then writing the music makes her also think about the clothes she will wear on the stage and this gives a complete look of the concept and story she wants to create.

But surely, her concept of the entire story is not always similar to fashion critics opinions about … fashion. Even if she wore a normal and glamorous gown at the Oscars this year, she managed to create rumors with her plumber style red gloves.  But this is far from her most outrageous appearance. Here’s a Top 6 of her most awkward and close to unbearable outfits and trust us … it wasn’t easy at all to pick up The Best from dozens of awkward outfits she put on.

6.The Inspirational White Dress For … Scarecrow

Lady Gaga wore a white gown for the Britt Awards in 2010. The dress was, obviously, strange and stately and the star decided to match it with a huge white-blond, curly wig raised to the … top. The layered cake dress was the … muse for an English farmer, Nigel Britten who became famous at that moment because he created a scarecrow exactly on Gaga’s looks.

Just a beginning

And this is just the beginning of an almost never ending hit list which pictures the artist each time different, but also outrageous, awkward, sometimes even scary! Anyway, seems that lately Gaga discovered that normal doesn’t necessarily mean bad and behind the scene and out of the contracted looks she developed a classy-elegant appearance. Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta a.k.a Lady Gaga began her career as a composer for Fergie, Britney Spears or Pussycat Dolls, before her strong voice was discovered by Akon and she was offered a contract with Kon Live Distribution.

Lady Gaga Scarecrow

5.The Blond Hair Dress And Hat

We know Lady Gaga actually likes wearing … hair as for … dressed. But this one she wore while singing Monster during the Monster Tour Ball is actually one that matches of the top outrageous outfits in her career. The dress was designed by Charlie le Mindu and it has something quite special: the top part, a huge one, by the way, is actually self sustaining. It has no support, it’s there just standing on … air.

Lady Gaga Monster Ball

4.Paris Icicles

She was actually photographed on the street wearing this outrageous … outfit. Last year in November, in Paris, Gaga shocked once again with her anything but normal dress: it was an outfit made of silver icicles which looked like coming out of Gaga and taking the shape of an enormous star. She matched the dress with orange high heels, but she went for normal hair this time: a simple top knot. I guess balance is everything, true?

3.The Bath Sponge or Bird Head …Hat???

We saw Gaga wearing lace on her face, strange make-up, strange hats or wigs but this one still wasn’t expected to be seen ever! While promoting her album Art Pop in Germany, the star showed up wearing a … something on her head. And we mean that huge piece covering all her head and made her look like an alien bird or like bath sponge walking among us. So, I don’t think we can ask ourselves if the singer had a mirror back home because she surely couldn’t see the way she looked at the time with that big hat or … however could it be called.
Lady Gaga Bird Head

2.The Lobster Hat

Many women nowadays rediscovered the beauty and chic a hat grants a girl’s outfit. But a lobster hat? Covering your eyes and head and hair and … This is a little too much for a regular person, but seems not even enough for Lady Gaga who wore this hat for her after party in London, in 2010. Of course, the hat isn’t the only bizarre piece of stuff in that outfit, because Gaga decided to wear it together with a sort of semi-transparent plastic look robe and white crossed nipple crosses. The outfit was accomplished with a bracelet like a chicken claw.

Lady gaga The Lobster Hat

1.Meet Lady Gaga In The Flesh

I mean this must be probably the best of her impossible to wear outfits! 2010, September 13th Video Music Awards will probably remain in the history as a memorable date for fashion! No one, but no one, could have imagined that this famous pop star could show up dressed in … actually … meat! Now, let’s be realistic, I don’t think we’ll soon find someone desiring to wear … a steak.

Lady Gaga meat dress

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