]Personally I’m a huuge fan of this series, never siding with anyone but House himself, awesome pianist as well, with a British dark humor ”Yea, he will be pretty much dead as I’m concerned” words that sure would make anyone think that came from him, not caring for anyone but himself.

In appearance of course, who is dumb enough to think that is his general stasis? You deserve a serious beating, whoever you are. The fact that in the end he is always right, even though he inspires himself from others prognostics and guessing makes him the central pylon of this series. A hardcore doctor with nothing to live for except his job.

Workaholic till his bone marrow, sarcastic, cynic, full of irony, this kind of character makes you wonder what could you find if you dig deeper into his soul and enigmatic presences near live patients, doing just as a last resort, dealing most of the time only with stats, diagnostics and figures.

He finds in his patients the real reason he doesn’t trust anyone, everybody actually lying in one way or another. Or they are just dumb as he would say .

6. Dr. Robert Chase

house series character, Dr. Robert Chase

Played by Jesse Spencer, born 12 February 1979, plays the roles of Surgeon, Intensives, Cardiologist, Head of the Department of Diagnostic Medicine.

The most unappealing character by my opinion in this TV series, with no compassion whatsoever, killing by mistake as well a patient of his, covering the whole shit up so no one would find out, giving you the urge that, if you were next to him you would love to punch him right in the face.

Surprisingly Allison Cameron fell into his weak arms from House’s rejection, finding in him a person who she could share a bed.

Probably she was having some kind of money problem cause other way I can’t explain how come she came to be with this moron. Fade character, unappealing and I don’t talk about aspects here, with no humor whatsoever making him the last character I choose, not of his number of appearances but in details.

Failure to Communicate (2.10)

Dr. House: MRI show anything?

Dr. Foreman: CT scan was negative.

Dr. House: CT… that’s like, short for MRI, right? Excellent, well I guess that saves us a lot of time.

Dr. Chase: We’ve got an MRI scheduled in twenty minutes. Earliest Foreman could get the machine.

Dr. House: I teach you to lie and cheat and steal…and as soon as my back is turned, you wait in line?

5. Dr.Allison Cameron

Dr.Allison Cameron

Played by Jennifer Morrison, born April 12 1979 and plays the role of Immunologist and Diagnostic Medicine.

One of my favorite characters in this series having a big “daaamn” when House rejected her, cute in her humor and entertaining skills, like a grown child who plays with forceps and bistoury into her work.

A smile that could make any man faint at her feet, a skill in acting that few people have, independence in their personality not surprisingly finding herself a new role in the recent show Once Upon a Time. Disappointed me when coupling with Dr. Chase but redeemed herself when breaking up with him, bringing the smile back to my face.

Deception (2.09)

Dr. Cameron She’s got an appointment with her ophthalmologist on Tuesday and an appointment with her gynecologist on Thursday. Multiple appointments with multiple doctors… symptom of Munchausen’s.

Dr. House: Or – just thinking outside the box here – she has a vagina and trouble reading.

Sex Kills (2.14)

Dr. House: We’re going to cure her.

Dr. Cameron: We’re going to cure death?

Dr. House Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha!  Doubt it.

Clueless (2.15)

Dr. Cameron: He’s gonna need a lung transplant…

Dr. House: He’s becoming more attractive by the minute, isn’t he?

Dr. Cameron You’re pleased…You think you’ve proved every marriage is a mistake.

Dr. House: Do I look pleased?

Dr. Cameron: Ignorance is bliss.

4. Dr. Eric Foreman

dr foreman

Played by Omar Epps born July 20, 1973 – Neurologist, Diagnostic medicine, Dean of medicine is the black version of Dr. House.

His main reason to work at this hospital even though he is treated rough most of the time, is the target of racial jokes and is put every now and then to do the dirty jobs for Dr. House, is the fact that he loves the way House is treating his patients with a 100% rate of success.

Foreman is hoping that one day, he will be as good as Dr. House is and at the same time he’s copying him every time he has the opportunity to be in charge and call the shots. He will never be as good as him, even though he ends up becoming dean of medicine, for the simple fact that I haven’t heard, at least one time a single good joke from him, nada.

In medical terms he is very rash and thinks every single time he has the chance to, that he is in a competition with Dr. House, pushing his limits way off the charts.

Fidelity (1.07)

Dr. Foreman: Why are you riding me?

Dr. House: It’s what I do…has it gotten worse lately?

Dr. Foreman: Yeah. Seems to me.

Dr. House: Really. Well, that rules out the race thing. ‘Cause you were just as black last week.

Mob Rules(1.15)

Dr. Cameron: I don’t have the right to show interest in someone?

Dr. Foreman: You absolutely do, and I absolutely have the right to humiliate you for it.


Dr. Cameron: Foreman! Are you going to contribute, or are you too tired from stealing cars? I’m being House. It’s funny.

Dr. Foreman: I know. You made milk come out of my nose.

3. Dr. James Wilson

Dr. James Wilson, dr. house series

Head of the department of oncology played by Robert Lawrence Leonard born February 28, 1969, the vivid imagery of House’s better, soft side, his jokes and pranks target and indeed, truly his best friend in need.

A successful doctor but not so successful in the love department, breaking up numerous times, being targeted by House’s jokes and doing its job as “the best friend” to announce him he won’t ever be happy unless he stays only with him.

Ironically House’s right, feeling the pain in much less opportunities than Wilson but much worse. Never mind, he gets over it every single time.

An emphatic doctor, being, according to House “the main reason it splits him from greatness”, just like him, who is usually very affected by any persons problems, stopping him from being a great doctor indeed.


Dr. Wilson: You know, in some cultures, it’s considered almost rude for one friend to spy on another. Of course, in Swedish, the word “friend” can also be translated as “limping twerp.”

Dr. Wilson: Did your pager really just go off, or are you ditching the conversation?

Dr. House: Why can’t both be true?

2. Lisa Cuddy

Lisa Eldestein aka dr. Lisa Cuddy

Played by Lisa Eldestein, born in May 22, 1966

The main playmate for House, being the main target for his ironies, accepting him just as he is, loving him in the secret, for the simple fact that he is only exteriorizing the mean character, keeping his inner feelings on the right path.

As well she adores those games of him, even if she knows that most probably he is right, but putting him in the position to be in competition as the best doctor in the precinct, and most likely from all hospitals.

Always participating in his flirtatious games in a resentful manor making him try even harder, luring towards themselves all sort of games designed to annoy or destroy one’s life.  Metaphorically.

Lisa Eldestein plays the role of the hospital’s director in a unique and distinguished way, doing the “boss” thingies letting actually House run the whole show, and not literally speaking.  In season 6 she becomes (I wasn’t amazed by the fact) his lover, a very operative couple with no distress from their relationship. You could say that finally House resolved his life.

But as I said, she was put in the show to make the twists, the up and downs, like Achilles tendon, brought down in an instant in case something wrong happened to her.

Her Indian look and her huge ass makes the perfect distraction for House’s jokes, getting on her nerves every single opportunity that she gives to him.


Dr. House —the cutest little tennis outfit! My God, I thought I was going to have a heart attack! Oh my! I didn’t see you there – That is so embarrassing…

Dr. Cuddy: How’s your hooker doing?

Dr. House: Oh, sweet of you to ask, funny story, she was going to be a hospital administrator, but hated having to screw people like that.

His lucky charm, probably the reason he does it so good and the reason that, never once he thought of leaving the hospital.

The Socratic Method(1.06)

Dr. Cuddy: Good morning, Dr. House.

Dr. House: Good morning, Dr. Cuddy! Love that outfit. Says, I’m professional, but I’m still a woman. Actually, it sorta yells the second part.

Dr. Cuddy: Yeah, and your big cane is real subtle too.

Dr. House Gotta go.

1. Doctor House

the famous doctor house

Numero uno the numero uno for life, Let’s hear the applause for Doctor House himself played by Hugh Laurie, born in 11 June 1959. No arguably, the best character in the in one of the most sold series of all time, one of the best as well, addictive as hell, funny till the end with very few scenes that would make you cry (he never did – a hero indeed), cold-hearted, brilliant-minded, flashing amusing and sarcastic answers to dumb questions, one of the best in short.

Practical as he is, he never accepts fully a diagnostic, always antagonize with someone or something, working with the saying, my saying,” If everybody agrees with something it simply means they are all stupid”. You can never be totally sure about something.

At the beginning s, House clearly stipulates that he is not in the same tone with every doctor there, being the best in what he does, “irreplaceable” in most cases.


Dr. House: You see that? They all assume I’m a patient because of this cane.

Dr. Wilson: Then why don’t you put on a white coat like the rest of us?

Dr. House: I don’t want them to think I’m a doctor.

He always closes the interlocutors mouth, whoever it may be, not being able to realized if they are mocked or talked serious to. The version of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson transposed in in Dr. House and Dr. Wilson, the comic pair that solves everything by mistake, not seeing from the other interests what’s in front of their eyes.

Dr. Cuddy as Irene Adler, a dominatrix in the full meaning of the term, distracting now and then Dr. House’s attention from the main issue, probably found out in a manner that nobody could see, having all his neuronal connections scrambled up when near her, becoming impulsive and reckless sometimes, putting always the argument of “ do it or they’ll die”, a syntagma  seen very often in the disputes of them, Wilson always witnessing helpless in their quarrels left in behind with a lot of stress in trying to reconcile them.

And endless fight till those two become a couple, acting like a functional stable couple at least with rational quarrels this time instead.

Dr. Darryl Nolan declared to him “you are a natural born leader, you should do something with that” while being retained at the nuthouse after the Vicodin hallucinations, succeeding, after prolonged efforts to obtain his cooperation in order to put him on a floating line.

A character one of a kind, with his ups and downs, the reason why everybody is in love with this TV series. In result every character besides him has a reflection of him in their behavior, getting catchy in time. And useful.

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