League of Legends. A MoBA adored by millions of fans throughout the world, and me of course, in other case I wouldn’t be writing about it. The best of the best in terms of spectators via live streams and of course no. of users aka players.

Very-very addictive even though you play the same retarded map every single time, the only thing that could differ being the champion you use. It has three other maps but they are like the retarded brothers of 5V5 main map which was actually copied, as well as the entire concept from a mode called DotA aka Defense of the Ancients in the Warcraft 3 game a whole lot time ago.

Some of its designers, more specifically Steve “Guinsoo” Feak, the previous designer of the game mode, and Steve “Pendragon” Mescot, the administrator of the formal official support base for the map, alongside Brandon “Ryze” Beck and Mark “Tryndamere” Merrill, produced what we now see a stand-alone game League of Legends under the RIOT brand with its own engine. Nowadays the company has more than 1000 people working at the firm, each one of them having a perfectly precise spot, and all of them participating in the process of creation and choosing of what’s to come.

The best improvement so far that made the game such a success are the skill shots, really requiring skill to hit the opponent, not like in the original version where you just had to right click and Boom, he was dead. Not so much of an improvement considering that all the other MobAs picked up the pattern such as HotS(Heroes of the Storm), HoN(Heroes of Newerth) and DotA 2(the stand-alone version).

Undoubtedly LoL had the biggest prize pools of all with $100.000 in its first season in Sweden which was won by Fnatic Team. In the second it raised up to $5.000.000 from which $2 million went to Riot partners, including IPL, another $2 million for the winning teams and the last for the organizing team that hosted the tournament. The tournament was won by TPA(Taipei Assassins).  In the third season the tournament was won by SK Telecom in Los Angeles, winning not less than $1.000.000.

Even though nowadays tanks are much more reliant than other positions, we could never forget the assassins or the carries. I hope that in the future they will sort that out.

There are 2 types of attack damage carries. Hyper carries and burst carries. I personally go with the hyper cause there are only two bursters, Corki &Graves, and Graves is kinda crappy at the moment.

The hardest position to overcome and the single position that can turn around a fight in yours or theirs detriment. There’s my list of the best marksmen in the game.

6. Caitlyn – the Sheriff of Piltover

Unmistakably, one of the most reliable marksmen in the game, with total lane dominance even if you are retardly rookie. It’s huge range on auto-attack and it’s Q make her one of the safest to play marksman. However, the lack of damage may make you kinda useless throughout the game, with low sustenance having only the auto-attack to rely on.

You must be really retarded not to win your lane with this champion. It has all it needs for sustain damage and laning dominance. The first item you should consider it’s IE(Infinity Edge), having no other ways to improve your auto-attack and secondly PD(Phantom Dancer). The rest is up to you, having to choose from Damage like a Bloodthirster, defense, like a Guardian Angel, making you the primarily target to be looked upon, or more critical chance like XXXX.

Laning phase: You must really take in considering the fact that the laning phase is all that you’ve got throughout the whole game and really make your presence notable during it by harassing as much as you can, having all the possibilities, not bringing the tower to its knees considering the fact that you need to come upfront from the laning phase, and of course, out-farm the bastard.

And maybe get out with a kill if you are lucky, but that rarely happens.  The only notable counter is Sivir, that takes advantage of you traps and gains mana and makes you Q’s useless , as well as countering yours with hers, having nearly the same area range and effect.

The only good thing about Caitlyn is its Q, not having to be near the fight when you land it. In rest you plant traps and pray for you team to overcome them. Very good ADC indeed.  NOT.

5. Corki – The Daring Bombardier

One of the most annoying ADCs at the moment is Corki. Having it’s passive recently changed to improved Special Delivery making its Valkyrie act just like Shyvannas ultimate, knocking aside all enemies, having as well the possibility of escape with the same Valkyrie right after he landed it, transforming an ADC into a powerful engager and disengager.

The only bad thing about this package is the fact that if he is hit by a simple minion can deny it’s package and render him useless, even more, not able to escape if engaged in a fight.

Personally I love Corkis auto-attack, seeming to me one of the most reliable in the marksman perspective, successfully landing the last hits in almost any game over the opponent, considering as well the fact that it has also 4 out of 4 skills that deal area damage, with one of the most crazy burst in the game, having only Graves to overcome him.

Laning phase: In the laning phase he is rarely overtaken by any other marksman having its farm potential waay over any other marksman. His main item for starting is Sheen and Trinity Force afterwards, continuing with IE and probably more damage, having its huge burst that can take anyone down with a single round of spells.

Mid Game:  Your main target in mid game should be building as much damage as you can, pulling enough to peel with your R bombs so your team can find the weak spot and knock them down for the win.

Late Game: “The biggest threat” not rests of your forehead and you are going to be targeted or looked upon to neutralize you at every cost. GA(Guardian Angel) is a considerable item as well if you have trouble with disengaging the team-fights or BV(Banshees Veil) if they consider you the main threat and don’t let you land a single spell.

4. Kog’Maw – The mouth of the Abyss

Probably the most annoying marksman in the game capable of instant melting the tanks, not needing to be in range to deal damage with his Bio-Arcane Barrage or Living Artillery, capable of staying out of reach and still be a living hell to deal.

Having the biggest range in the game due Bio-Arcane Barrage at 700 range, makes him the most hard to reach marksman, but instead is easy to catch without flash having no other escape mechanism.

Laning Phase: I like building the Tear of the Goddess first, ensuring me a middle and late game advantage when it comes to peel of the adversaries. The only good thing about him during laning phase is the Bio-Arcane Barrage making it easy for me to harass and farm in case I’m injured.

Having mixed damage ensures me the advantage when building hybrid, also take advantage from the Trinity Force that is a MUST on this champion to ensure a proper burst and seemingly one of the best at 1vs1, alongside his passive being capable to withstand any other marksman or champion for that matter.

Middle-Game: This is the part where Kog’Maw really thrives at peeling the adversaries and doing a great job. Not needing to be at the normal range of 600, he can easily spot or peel any wandering champion, making him to go all or nothing in case he wants to succeed something, that’s why flash is a very important spell for him and having defensives like Braum or Alistar near him can really cause a disruptive force against the enemy team.

Late-Game:  If you are proper clothed there really must not be any problem to melt any tank at all, having no preferences when it comes to targeting, being able to put down any kind of champion in seconds all by himself, and by afar as well. IE on him makes a living hell only two shots with Bio-Arcane, and if landing another two Living Artillery on him makes a sure kill nonetheless.

3. Sivir – The Battle Mistress

One of the best champions in the game even if there was a period everyone mocked her because her lack of damage. Now utility makes her one of the most cursed throughout the game, being hard to catch due Spell Shield, lading effect less any spell cast on her and her ultimate that renders her able to kite any kind of champion, and 1vs1 any marksman as well due his Ricochet where the attack speed becomes insanely high.

Laning Phase: Playing Sivir is probably one of the most pleasant jobs to do. Having a large range on Q-Boomerang Blade, and alongside Ricochet can easily wipe out a wave of creeps in no time, almost instantly.

On lane you aren’t really required to rush out for items to sustain yourself, outranking even the lane sheriff, Caitlyn due her large range on q. But if you must start the most important item you should consider is definitely Infinity Edge, having a lot of attack speed with her Ricochet to 1vs1 any other opponent, even be able to take down a Vayne.

Middle Game: This is when she excels at engaging in team fights with her On the Hunt, as well as disengaging when in need, making all her team able to catch upon a feeling opponent. The most important items you should consider Essence Reaver and Bloodthirster. Many of you may say Essence Reaver is a useless item, better going with other AD items, but her mana restoring is essential at the peel of process that makes a successful team fight. And has the same amount of AD. Tiheh.

Late Game: This is the part where Sivirs part in the game is not so much important cause the team fights get more into all or nothing and she can hardly melt at tank only with auto-attacks and her low range. She gets a little downwards evolution but not one to not be taken serious.

2. Jinx – The Loose Cannon

One of the most adored marksmen in the game, capable to easy Penta the team and still laugh while running towards the victory. One of the best at 1vs1, capable of kiting as well as chasing opponents, and if they escape she can snipe them across the map wherever they may be with her ultimate Super Mega Death Rocket. It may even kill a Vayne on 1vs1. And she has no tits whatsoever!

Laning Phase: It has not actual problem on this phase cause of her Q –Switcheroo!, with 600 range making her the second highest normal ranged champion, after Caitlyn, being capable of easy winning her lane and certainly capable of getting a kill at this early stage.

Middle-Game: With a sustained damage input can easily melt any tank down, 1vs1 any champion and still run forest, run, for another kill. Blood thirsty, even without any kind of attack speed items, she is easily manageable only with damage and probably a GA in late game.

Late Game: From now on she is a total menace, being capable of killing all the opponents, switching 1 to 5 in no time. The only thing important now is the GA, cause of her huge damage input making the main priority in taking down for the other team, making her still a pain in the ass due her rooting from the grenades even after she has died and revived.

1. Kalista – The Spear of Vengeance

Super-ultra-mega marksman. Her Rend E spell stacks infinitely, being able to deal even 100000 damage if the opponent had such HP. Her kiting is amazing, making her the hardest marksman to catch. If you didn’t bursted down from the beginning it’s better to run as you can cause in the end she will pin you down to the ground.

The skill needed to master this champion is as well very high, seeing only pro players, and me of course, tihee, making all from it, 1vs1 all the champions, one by one.

Laning Phase : In the laning phase she is probably the most vulnerable, not being able to outburst other marksmen, being a tank melter and not an assassin. The main item needed here is The Blade of the Ruined King or better a Rapid Firecannon, having the same effects much, but increasing her range considerably.

Middle Game: This is the phase where Kalista thrives, being capable to kite and massacred any melee as well as the marksman if the support is nearby. The only decent counter for her is Vayne, not being able to kite her. Or Master Yi for that matter. But who doesn’t hate Master Yi?

Late Game: Now it’s the point where your skill is seen and being considerable good or bringing your team to a sure defeat. If you have taken the kills at first with ease, now is the perfect time to dump them out if you are retarded cause if you are bad at this game, it will be easily spotted, being one of the few champions in which kills won’t make the difference if you are a poor player. And don’t have skins. Joke.

Leaving that aside, having mobility can greatly increase your jumps on her passive making more distance between her and the aggressor. In short terms, the perfect marksman. Build a Runnaan’s Hurricane – It’s useless trust me, cause this is not an AoE champion.

There is a special mentioning for Quinn . I HATE you. A good marksman, but not on my list. Fuck you. You made my life a living hell.

Nowadays people play him more like a topper than a marksman and scrambles all the game inside-out.

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