We all know that League of Legends can be a little goofy, falsie or funny and not taken serious at its times cause of some random champions like Lulu or Fizz, being more childish than something important or making you have goose bumps.

Even though it is PEGI 12, not a game quite destined to kids, there are brats that succeed to infiltrate in this prestigious community and mess it all up, raging like retarded off springs and talking like they are some kind of robots. I don’t understand how parents aren’t aware of their actions, quite an irresponsible parent, explaining the retarded off spring.

There is sex, violence, blood, scary creepy shit, all sortsa things that would not be favorable for the kids development, but they see them happy, the brats, and think that they can’t get killed in-game or something bad, but you are doing the worst.

This child will not be a normal one, no real life, no real friends, no socialization and the raging will seem like something perfectly normal for them so they will rage as often as he can with no repercussions. Hope there are some bullies that are not playing this crappy game. Did I say crappy? I meant unconventional.

After the events on Bilgewater we also know how real it can get. And so today I want to show you the top 5 darkest stories from the world of League of Legends. The rules are the same as always: I will not shorten any of the stories and I will try to give you as much information as I can so there it goes:

5. Mordekaiser

creepiest LOL storiesBefore we talk about torturing souls and killing innocents we need to start with the Shadow Isles. This is the place where the Sun never shines and the living don’t stay alive for long. Anything that dies under the mists of Shadow Isles or by the hand of one of the servants will become undead.

The very first undead to exist, even before the Shadow Isles become a threat was Mordekaiser. He is a living of pure living agony, sustaining from torturing living and their souls after their death. There is a girl that witnessed and survived an encounter with Mordekaiser, more exactly a mage in training. One night he was woken by her master’s tortured screams then she charged into the library to see shattered ruins.

There she saw him, a hulking figure in dark armor. It was clear that Mordekaiser was looking for something. He was holding her master in the air and she didn’t hear his final words: “ I would die before I give up my secrets”. Morde laughed and replied: ”even in death there is no escape” and next he snapped his neck.

Moments later, the horrified girl witnessed her master’s soul being ripped from his body as if it was under complete control, he started revealing all his secrets to Morde. The girl ran away, living to tell the story.

Eeevi, I tell, you, evil, pure evil. This is resumed the story of a fucked-up boss which doesn’t like his workers and makes them slaves of his own in return of … nothing. Voila, this is a piece of nothing, sort your life after this if you can. And on top of all that he is laughing at our pains as well, not caring about our cause.

4. Thresh

league of legends horror storiesPain is a great duel to dominate someone’s mind and soul. But it also can be a great source of joy. Many centuries ago, a sadistic jailor lived, taking a great delight in torturing his victims inside his jail. Patient and brutal, he used a variety of methods to break his victims minds.

However chains were his preferred instrument of torment. One day, his prisoners escaped during a massive riot, overwhelming him and without remorse they hanged him with his own chains. This was supposed to be his end but Death itself liked his ways, and so he was released into the mortal world so he could take joy not only in torturing bodies but also torturing souls of his victims. Once he takes interest in someone’s soul he will twist their mind, bring them to insanity, torture their bodies and then bring them to the Shadow Isles. Not cause he has to, but cause he can.

This is the story of a sanguine fucktard who took pleasure in torturing innocent, or anything that moved, like a fucking fly par example. I don’t understand the logic behind this story though. Lotsa tortured prisoner took the decision to… hang him… hmmmm. Why the fuck not torture him and repay him with the same currency? Noo, give him the easiest way to die possible and see that please your tortured ass. Probably they hanged more of them only to be satisfied for the blood need in their retarded veins. Fuck logic, I’m going home.

3. Karthus

creepiest league of legends storiesOur next story is not necessarily brutal in any way, but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t wrong or horrifying. This story tells the tale of a young boy with great darkness lying within him. This boy never likes company of others, and he liked to spend his time alone in the darkness.

From time to time he snuck into the funerals of strangers and he spoke to their tombstones in the cemetery. He also liked to dig out corpses of animals so he could preserve them, keep them as a grim collection of morbid art. He also volunteered to stay with the sick and dying, never meaning to help them, staying with them so he could witness their last moments.

In the end he went so far as to fake his own death so he could secretly observe his own funeral. When everyone had discovered what he done they were so disturbed he actually became dead to them. The boy was rejected by the living. In his mindless travels he heard the legend of the Shadow Isles and excited he decided to travel there so he can explore death himself. When he arrived to the shores he was overwhelmed by the beauty of this place, feeling as he finally came home.

This is the story of a retarded teenager who is misunderstood, emo(emotional) and fucking hates everyone. No, I don’t hate everybody, only the ones that are stupid. And this one wanted to kill himself so he could witness the pain of other fucktards, less fucked up than him but more fucked up in a way so he couldn’t be witnessing any genius. These have the Darwin law standing aside them, the rest… not so much.

You may ask yourself how this retarded became king. I’m asking myself the same exact question. Like poof, and voila, you’re a king. I want that, I want to roam all the idiots who don’t know to tell a story right and call themselves story-tellers. Fuck that. I quit my job, I’m going to the Shadow Isles to dethrone that fucking moron and bring fucking sun to the isle. It really needs and hopefully will burn the dead outta their skin and scream for mercy. I think I will take Leona to be my wife. She looks kinda dazzling and surely looks like a good wife for me, a proper one.

Something awoke in the Shadow Isles that day, the boy doing something that no other creature had ever done, willingly giving his life over the undead. This was the way the king of the dead was born. This is the way that Karthus became a lich.

2. Elise

creepiest lol storiest listYou can see that the Shadow Isles have their kind, their jailor and their army, but they also have their religions. Stories tell of a dark priestess inside Noxus, having eternal youth cause of her religion, many becoming interested in her expeditions to visit her God.

It is said that this God is so generous that no one ever wants to return. When she was gathering out the next expedition she allowed only the most loyal of her disciples to join her. This  chosen few followed her blindly as she lead them across the sea, finally arriving at their final destination, the Shadow Isles.

The priestess lead them into a cave shrouded in webs. Expecting a shrine the group looked at their priestess in confusion. She turned to the crowd and raised her arms, revealing spider-like legs that grew outta her back, revealing her true form.-fuucking hentai kinda porn scenario. The followers turned to flee but they were all stuck in spider-webs. An enormous spider beast emerged from the darkness.

They could only scream while the spider ate them(fucked them) alive. After the job was done, Elise approached the beast, extracted his venom(cum) and drank it. Elise delayed her mortality once again. When she returned to Noxus, everyone was excited(soo excited that made my horny nipples burst to joy) to hear that their fellow brethren were excited to stay with the God.

This story short is the story of the banks fucking our asses, telling us of a great world resembling paradise and in return we see only the death of our fucking dreams and die in pain shortly after we took a fucking loan. Pretty much sums up the reality, yea, I’m sure.

1. Kalista

creepiest League of legends storiesOut last story takes us where it used to be a home for an innocent family. Here, an unknown man which swore to protect the family, gave an order to murder everyone inside the house. The father and two children died that day but the wife survived.

She was filled with anger, wanting revenge and as well to kill the man an watch the life drain from his eyes. But he was guarded day and night and she knew that she would never be able to do it.

She took a long breath as she knew exactly what she must do. She grabbed a puppet, made outta the cloak of the murderer as well as a hammer and three rusted nails. She said: “I invoke thee, Lady of Vengeance, from beyond the veil, hear my plea. (What the fuck is plea?) Come forth, let justice be done”. She readied her hammer and the nails and said: “I name my betrayer once” and spoke his name loud. With a single strike she hammered in the first nail, pinning the puppet to the door frame. The wife shivered and the room became colder.

I name him twice” she said and she did so, hammering in the 2nd nail. She went in a frenzy shaking when she saw a dark figure miles away in the distance. It was motionless. Breathing quicker, the wife raised her hammer again “I name him trice” as she hammered the hammer once more. In a blink of an eye the spirit of vengeance stood before her. The spirit pull out a spear from his heart and threw it on the ground in front of the wife, not needing to say a single fucking word.

The wife knew exactly what to do. The spirit watched as the wife picked up the weapon “I pledge myself to vengeance” said the wife with the voice wavering”, she reversed the spear and aimed it towards her heartI pledge with my blood, I pledge with my soul” said the unknowing wife. Her grip tightened around the spear. “Help me”, she said “please help me kill him” and put the spear into her chest and drove her to the knees and while she tried to say something but only blood bubbled from her lips.

The body fell on the ground. Moments later the shade of the wife climbed to her feet, looking down at her own dead body as a ghostly blade appeared in her hand. “your cause is our cause” said Kalista, “we walk the path of vengeance as one, now”. The wife nodded, both the spirit and the shade stepped into the darkness and they were gone.

And this one is the pact with the Devil. Muhahahah.

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