While it may not seem like it with more and more people going digital, magazines are known to continue to be popular in many places. Many people still like to buy magazines to take with them on a plane during long flights or train rides as they can get very boring very fast without any sort of entertainment on hand.

Today, we’re going to give you a list of fifteen magazines that are still going strong as well as some that lived a very good life. Instead of multiple titles from one country, the goal for this particular article will be to give you just one title from various countries just to give you a little taste of what countries around the world have to offer.

Top 14 Magazines from Around the World, Womens Weekly14. The Australian Women’s Weekly

It won’t take you too long to know what kind of magazine this is thanks to the name making it so easy to guess.

The Australian Women’s Weekly, also known simply as The Weekly, was created in 1933 in Sydney, Australia and releases a new issue once a month. For many years, it was the number one selling magazine in Australia until the Australian edition of Better Homes and Gardens took its spot.

Top 14 Magazines from Around the World13. Chatelaine

Based in Toronto, Chatelaine is a Canadian magazine that is written in both English and French and is catered toward women. It is currently the number one selling magazine in Canada.

It was first published in 1928 and is now a magazine, website, iPad app, and eBook. All of these things cover topics involving various women’s interests, food, fashion, beauty, and more. The magazine is still around today and had celebrated eighty five years in May 2013.

12. TV Choice

best magazines listTV Choice is a weekly magazine from the United Kingdom that covers TV listings from Saturday through Friday and costs each customer fifty pence (about a dollar in the US). During the Christmas and New Year holidays, a double issue is released and costs more.

The magazine was founded in August 1999 and, as you may have guessed from the title, it features the TV shows that have been the most watched in the UK, popular UK soap operas and movies, and it also contains some leisure activity such as crossword puzzles and more.

By February 2008, TV Choice became the most sold magazine in the United Kingdom in all categories. Weekly, it says over 1.2 million copies and 1.8 million adults read the magazine.

best magazines, Hemmets Journal11. Hemmets Journal

Hemmets Journal, founded in 1921 and published by Egmont, is Sweden’s second most popular family magazine. This magazine is actually the Swedish version of Denmark’s popular magazine, Hjemmet.

In this magazine, you will find typical tabloid content such as horoscopes, editorials, interviews, fashion, crosswords, recipes, and more. On average, the magazine’s customers are middle aged women in their fifties that live in smaller Swedish cities.

best spain magazine10. Pronto

Meaning “quick” in English, Pronto, the most read magazine in Spain, is a women’s and celebrity magazine published weekly in Barcelona. It was first created in 1972 and continues to publish a new issue every Monday.

In 1993, it became the best selling magazine due to having a circulation of almost 700,000 and in 2001 after having a circulation of 878,000 copies, it got itself on the list of top fifty women’s magazines across the globe.

9. Strana Igr

Strana Igr is a Russian magazine all about video games. It was first published by Gameland in 1996, but due to lack of funding, the magazine was unfortunately discontinued late in 2013.

One of the main reasons it had as much success as it did was because of the huge PC gaming market in the country.

8. Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan is one of the most well known international magazines in the entire world and is available in many countries outside of the United States.

It was first published in 1886 in the United States as a family magazine, but later on, it was transformed into a women’s magazine that talked about women’s issues, relationships and sex, health, fashion, beauty, and more.

This magazine has sixty four international editions, is printed in thirty five other languages, and is sold in 110 other countries. A new issue is released once a month.

7. Kampioen

best magazines around the worldTranslated to “champion” in English, Kampioen is one of the oldest and most read Dutch magazines in the Netherlands. Founded in 1885, its content is filled with things that are of general interest and family related topics such as tourism, transportation, and the environment.

Unlike other magazines that would release issues weekly, biweekly, or once a month, Kampioen only releases ten issues a year. In 2006, it became the seventh largest magazine in the world after a circulation of almost four million copies.

6. ADAC Motorwelt

best seller german magazineNamed the largest magazine in the country, ADAC Motorwelt is a German monthly car and traveling magazine that was published in Munich, Germany in 1925.

The car portion of the magazine covered topics such as road tests, motor sports, and previews of new models. After a circulation of almost fourteen million copies in 2010, ADAC Motorwelt was named Europe’s largest automobile magazine.

5. Télé 7 Jours

Télé 7 Jours magazinePublished by Hachette Filipacchi Médias, Télé 7 Jours is a French magazine that releases a new issue every week. The magazine’s content is news that’s related to French radio and television programs.

When it was first founded, it was originally named Radio 44 since it was founded on October 29, 1944 and it would have changed its name according to what year it was, but once it was 1957, that was the last of the annual name change and it was stuck on Télé 59 for a short time.

In 1960, the magazine was sold to French businessman, media owner, and politician Jean Prouvost who then decided to change the name to 7 jours Télé 60 for a small amount of time until he finally decided to rename it to Télé 7 Jours on March 7 that year and left it.

Popularity was at its highest in 1962 when over a million copies were sold a week and again in 1965 when two million copies were sold weekly. These sales made Télé 7 Jours the highest circulated magazine in France.

In 1976, magazine publisher, Hachette Filipacchi Médias, bought rights to the magazine and it is still one of the most read magazines in France today.

4. Famitsu

Famitsu, japanese game magazineFamitsu, published by Enterbrain, Inc. and Tokuma, is a Japanese magazine specializing in video games. Unlike most magazines that publish either once a week, twice a month, or once a month, this one releases issues in both weekly and monthly formats.

The first issue was released in June 1986 and on October 28, 2011, digital editions of issues were released exclusively on BookWalker.

3. India Today

India Today, first released between the 1st and 15th of December 1975, is a little unique as it is actually not only a magazine. On May 22, 2015, the India Today news channel was launched on TV.

India Today is a magazine in India that is published in English. It is owned by Vidya Vilas Purie, who also owns Thompson Press. The magazine is a family business as his children, Madhu Trehan and Aroon Purie, are in charge of editing and publishing

As of now, India Today is also published in the following languages: Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu.

2. Donya ye Bazi

computer magazine, Iran, Donya ye BaziDonya ye Bazi is a computer magazine published twice a month in Iran. This magazine, founded in September 2005, was the first official magazine for games in Iran and was unfortunately discontinued in September 2013.

When the magazine was first published, it was a monthly magazine that contained thirty two pages and only reviewed PC games. Later on down the road after thirteen issues were released, each issue was downsized to sixteen pages and new issues started to be released biweekly.

This Month in Taiwan1. This Month in Taiwan

This Month in Taiwan is the most widely distributed tourist magazine in Taiwan and was founded by E. Kirk Henderson. Its first issue was published in 1974 and has sold about two hundred thousand copies a year.

This magazine isn’t anything that’s extremely unique by any means. As any typical tourist magazine would, this one covers common topics such as tourist attractions, hotels, nightlife, dining, and more. It also contains maps to help any tourist get around in the event of an emergency.

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