3. Wroclaw, Poland


Top 13 Colorful Places Around The World 3rd-1stWroclaw is the biggest city in the West of Poland, located in the middle of Europe, on Oder River. During the time, it was part of the Polish Kingdom, Bohemia, the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Germany. In 2011, the city was inhabited by over 600.000 people. This place seems to be a city since the 1100s as it was written in several documents. Because it was conquered so many times, it has several architectural influences. You can visit here Ostrow Tumski, the oldest place of the city which was formerly an island where you could only find the Cathedral of the city, which was built in the 10th century.

Three hundred years later, here appeared the Rynek Square, where you can find the City Hall today. Another impressive building is Saint Elisabeth Church, with its 91,46 meters tall tower. From this tower you can admire the whole city. Also here is situated the biggest contemporary art collection in Poland, at the National Art Museum. You can also enjoy great food, a lot of beer in the city or you can take a ride by boat on Oder River. Interesting, true?

2. Bo-Kaap, Cape Town, South Africa


Bo-Kaap, Cape Town, South AfricaBo-Kaap is the most beautiful periphery of the South African Capital City, also known as Malay Town. The most beautiful and imposing building in the area is the Nurul Mosque, built in year 1844. The buildings here are really colorful, just like Africans like it! Unlike other areas, that only kept the architecture of the area, here you can also find in the houses where you might be hosted very old furniture in perfect shape.

Still, you might not get the authentic experience you are searching for because many of the locals had to move outside the area and their houses were bought by white local businessmen. So our advice would be to find try and settle in a local’s house and find out the true legends of this place.

1. Newfoundland, Canada


Newfoundland, CanadaThe last destination on our list is Newfoundland, Canada. It is actually an island located in the Eastern coast of North America and it is the most popular area in the Labrador province. Initially called Terra Nova (the new land, in Latin), this island was first mentioned in write in the 11th century, when the Viking king Leif Eriksson came here and called the place Vinland.

Then, the island was visited by the Portuguese, French and English, so it shows a great cultural diversity. But unfortunately, not the whole place looks very interesting. Still, we think that your first destination should be St. John’s, the biggest city around – it is an amazing view: as cold outside, as warm the colors of the houses!

You can also find here a lot of hotels, coffee shops, restaurants, tea houses, museums, bars, art galleries and so on.


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