Microsoft’s Xbox is a video game console output in the United States on November 15, 2001. Microsoft did its first steps in this sector, having collaborated with Sega to bring Windows CE for Dreamcast, and after developing for several years Microsoft Game Studios games and SideWinder gaming controls for Windows PC.

The difference is that a PC with Xbox cannot run behind Xbox as a media programs from Microsoft proprietary format to DVD format that is readable by the DVD drive of the Xbox.

The console, which is a key competitive to PlayStation 2 and GameCube, belongs to the sixth generation.

Microsoft seeks to change the Xbox, first devoted solely to video games, to interactive multimedia station online in late 2002 and launched Xbox Live. Xbox 360 became the successor in late 2005. Support for the Xbox by Microsoft stopped in March 2009 in the United States and in April 2010 in France.


The Xbox was initially developed internally by a small Microsoft team, including Kevin Bachus, Seamus Blackley and Ted Hase.

Microsoft has pushed the design of the console very often and very fast. The console was revealed at the end of 1999 with interviews of the director of Microsoft Bill Gates. He declared that a multimedia device was essential for multimedia convergence in modern times of digital entertainment. On the date of March 10, 2000, the “X-box” project was officially confirmed by the people of Microsoft in a press article. In January 2001, the console is presented at the E3 by Bill Gates.

As it is depicted in the book called “Smartbomb” written by Aaron Ruby and Heather Chaplin, the great success of the Sony PlayStation would have in the late 1990s scared Microsoft, the growing video game market seemed to disrupt the PC market as Microsoft dominated and on which was based the majority of its revenues. An entry in the world of video games Microsoft diversified product line, which had previously focused solely on software.

Dean Takahashi says in his book that the Xbox was originally named “DirectX-box” to show the use of DirectX in the console technology. Management has finally chosen the name “Xbox” as the final name for the console. The console also refers to DirectX by the form “X” logo and the giant form “X” on the console.

The “Big” Team

J Allard of Microsoft, was responsible for the hardware and software system development, Ed Fries was responsible for game development on the platform, and Mitch Koch was responsible for sales. The three were referring to Robbie Bach. This team was also responsible for the Xbox 360 console.

On the occasion of 10 years of the console, Microsoft proposed to download on Xbox Live, from the Xbox 360, a special animation for Avatar birthday, anniversary and launched a pack on Xbox 360 called “10 years of Xbox anniversary bundle.

Then later came the Xbox one which is the newest of the series of consoles, but enough information let us see the top 10 xbox games.

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