Being able to communicate with one another is what shaped humankind into what it is in the present. Through language we expressed our feelings and desires, we questioned and explained the world around us. However, communication has grown to be such a normal aspect of our lives, that we often overlook its importance. Through language we connect and make sense of our experiences.

2 or 3 Languages Becoming a Requirment

Speaking 2 or 3 languages fluently used to be an achievement not many people were interested in, but in today`s multinational-oriented world, it is not only an advantage, but it`s slowly becoming a requirement. You can easily see the importance of languages in the business field, many companies trying their best to make a name for themselves in the global market. Having knowledge of a certain country`s language and culture will entails your communication partner`s respect  and trust, two of the most hard to earn things concerning human relationships.

When you set your mind on learning another country`s manner of speaking, the hardest step is deciding which language will be more beneficial for your future. Morenike Adebayo, part of the iflscience team, has recently treated this very subject, regarding the world`s most spoken languages.

Too many known languages

It appears that there are roughly 7,100 known languages, still very much alive and kicking, being used just as we speak. The study conducted on 6.3 billion people showed that only 23 languages have managed to impose themselves worldwide, being used by no less than 4.1 billion people. While the reason so many different languages exist still plagues scholars and linguistics to this day, one thing remains certain, whether it is for business or pleasure, speaking more than one language will never anchor you down.

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