A gamer means anyone playing one or more games, which also includes the casual player, in addition to the avid gamer or hardcore gamer. Each game in level of difficulty, the platform on which it is played, the number of authorized players, proposed gaming universe, etc. , targets a type of player or trying to attract the widest audience , creating communities of players that can come together and share in video game stores, online, in the game itself if it is online in a tournament network ( lan -party ) , etc. 

Pro Gamers

We can rank players according to the time invested per week to play, those who did paid work ( eSports ) and in relation to gaming communities , for example , players exclusively practicing retro games or those that are interested in games only from Japan ( otaku ). Professional players or pro gamer in English, are people earning their living playing video games.

The term pro gamer master, abbreviated pgm , means a person who not only plays for fun but that remuneration in exchange for giving him a sponsorship constraints and objectives in the various tournaments it participates . All competitions between players are called electronic sport or e- sport. In South Korea, eSports reached such a size that matches and competition results are broadcast on national television and can take place in stadiums. Just as in sports, there are video game records, based on the scoreNote.

Something for Everyone

The year 2015 is not over yet and already our eyes are on the coming year. Indeed, if the owners of new console hardware (PS4, Xbox ONE ) had to be satisfied with just this first season, sunny days promised at various shows such as E3 or Tokyo Game Show. Between exclusives and multiplatform, there are games that put a smile on everyone and are able to produce huge enthusiasm for the hard core gamers or for the casual players. So here are our top ten Xbox One video games that will make noise in 2015. One thing is certain: there will be something for everyone!

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