If you take only one look to these movies, you won’t be able to sleep all night long! This is a Top 10 True Story Inspired horrors!
If you take a look back into times you’ll find out that the darkest and worst characters ever pictured in movies weren’t actually ones nightmare inspirational creation. They were actually people, if we can even call them so.

Here’s the Top 10 True Story Horrors

Although most of the horror films include fantasy characters like vampires, ghosts or demons there are also many scripts created on the basic life story of serial killers or mad scientists. In fact, the first horrors were created after important literature pieces such as Dracula, Frankenstein, The Mummy, The Phantom Of The Opera, The Wolf Man or Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde. Modern horrors instead, developed in three important sub-categories involving the fear induced to people by different characters or things so we got: Horrors about disasters, horrors involving maleficent characters and horrors super-staring demons.

All of them manage to keep us awake for the entire night, fearing to fall asleep, but some of them involve an exciting detail that makes us desire to watch them!

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