What happens when a movie is so successful that the fans just want more and more and more and we cannot judge them as there is more about its story to tell? The “poor unfortunate souls”, the producers, the director and the amazing cast have to sacrifice themselves and make a new movie – a sequel.

But when not even the sequel manages to calm the fans craving for more action and more story and character development, then it is time to make a third movie. And since three is usually perceived as a lucky number (except when combined with a ten, because the legendary number 13 is more a horror movies motif) with a great symbolist value, they generally stop here. Or they start another trilogy as a prequel or with other actors playing the same roles. But what are exactly a trilogy’s steps to success?

One for Fame

Following a book, game, comic book trilogy or an original idea with a captivating story line, we add a bunch of actors – more or less handsome – to play some compelling characters, then some drama, maybe some comedic relief, romance… lots of romance… or at least enough to make the fans swoon. All together create the perfect movie-cake that leaves one wanting to know more and marks one’s life for forever (or at least for a while), but enough to make one book the best seats for the following film.

Two for the Money

Fans have done their job – they have brought enough popularity to save the movie from the oblivion and to get a sequel. From posters on their bedroom’s walls to posts, GIFs and fan art all over the internet, toys, T-shirts, bags, accessories, make-up and all sort of merchandise, they pretty much became part of the advertising and creation processes.

So the new movie is generally much anticipated and enjoys much more advertising than the previous one. Whether is it better than the original or not, it is up to the fans to decide. But regardless of this aspect, the plans were already made to make a grand finale. And here comes the last part of the trilogy.

Third Time Lucky

When it comes to saying goodbye, it could not get any harder. The fans anxious – they cannot wait for another movie, but they do not want it to end. The team has to put more effort to make it worth it, while conscious that sooner or later they have to give up the roles that made them famous and which became parts of their everyday lives. So we get a story that puts all things in order and all that leaves open to interpretation is left in the hands of the fan fiction writers. Though, there were occasions when the fandom and the critics were not exactly pleased with how the story ended and saw the finale to the trilogy as a red herring.

Here You Go!

Believe it or not, there are quite a large number of trilogies worth seeing and worth remembering, despite the fact that entire franchises and individual movies usually get more attention and popularity than them. But we did our job like always and we selected 10 trilogies that we consider the best. If you do not agree with us, let us know what you like. But if you agree with us, we will be the happiest. And if you have not watched everything on our list, well… what are you waiting for?

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