Tennis is a perfect combination of violent action taking place in an atmosphere of total tranquillity.

Tennis is a racket sport that pits two players either (this is called playing singles) or four players who form two teams of two (this is called double game). Players use a strung racquet vertically and horizontally to a varying voltage power or effect that is desired.

This racket, whose materials vary, used to hit a rubber ball filled with air and covered with felt. The goal is to hit the ball so that the opponent can return it within the field or scoring the point of putting the opponent out of reach for the ball, either by forcing him to commit a mistake (if the ball does not fall within the limits of the court, or if it does not pass the net).

The number of sets (or sleeves) needed to win a game varies according to several criteria (such as gender, age or tournament). Bounds and rules are different for singles matches and doubles.

Best of the best

But to reach to top, to be the best of the best one has to train for years, years of hard work and dedication, improving your agility, speed, power, strength, mental skills and awareness or “To be a tennis champion, you have to be inflexible. You have to be stubborn. You have to be arrogant. You have to be selfish and self-absorbed. Kind of tunnel vision almost.” -like Chris Evert said.
All of these skills can be trained but how about something that you are born with, like height which is a great advantage in the world of tennis especially while serving, with height the angle of the serve is better, harder to hit the net. Below are the top ten tallest tennis player, but i placed them based on their performance and fame too. Good reading!

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