The sport of boxing is at its best when any of three things occur: devastating knockouts, compelling matches between the best available pound for pound boxers and unbelievable upsets.
Almost every major sport, baseball being an exception, is basically watered down boxing. For example, American football is wall to wall physical violence.

Basketball might not look like a tough sport even though there are few fist fights but the game is basically about trying to take your opponents heart away either by taunting or with accurate dunks. There is no further need in explaining the similarities with hockey.

The boxing

In boxing, upsets register more shock than in other sports. A loss might be just an afterthought in other sports but is often enigmatic in the sport of boxing. Some fighters have achieved such great form that when they lose, viewers are left jawed scrambling to make sense of it. That is why we watch boxing. In Boxing you are never truly out of the fight, until the final bell rings.
The following is a list of 10 men who managed feats that many thought it would be impossible, the 10 men who scored the upsets that at the time left the boxing world, and sometimes the world of sports, in shock.

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