When people hear about horror movies, most of them are startled and mumble how the horror genre is not their cup of tea, because who wants to get scared? But, as soon as they happen to visit a castle or pass by an old building, they can’t help it wondering whether or not it is haunted.

And while the existence of ghosts is still debatable and the general view tends to lean towards them being just a myth or the product of human imagination, Hollywood and fiction author still make good money out of this theme.

Sugar, Spice and… Haunted Houses?

Of course, there is no haunted movie without a house – preferably a mansion – and a new family moving in. Though, there are movies which take a slightly different turn and choose different settlements such as hotels, institutions and even lighthouses.

All that matters is that it needs a floor, roof, four walls (more or less) and an eerie look completed by spider webs, dust, old disturbing paintings and statues, maybe a fireplace and an attic or basement.

Haunting Is Not a Hobby

Ghosts come in different shapes and sizes and each one has its story and purpose in life or more precisely death.

Some specters are bound to a place due to a sad or violent death, some have some unfinished business to deal with and some just like messing things up either for the glory of Satan or because they want others to join them in their misery – one could say that making others miserable just because they are so, makes them look even more human-like.

But whatever their reasons might be, they are absolutely fascinating and turn a random movie into a good scary one. The following list presents the movies which are perceived as the best of their genre. They are perfect for a stormy night when you are all alone and ready for a good story and scare.

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