10. Grotesque (2009)

grotesque filmGrotesque is a Japanese horror released in 2009. A couple showed at their first date has to pass through the biggest misfortune. The two are kidnapped and become the victims of some lunatics that torture them in the worst ways you have never imagined! Because a lot of the scenes were considered disturbing, especially those where different parts of the victim’s bodies are cut off, this movie was forbidden in several countries, including Great Britain.

Critics really disbanded this film and say that those cruel scenes happen for absolutely no reason and they are not sustained by the very low rated script. Finally, Grotesque was a total failure in box-office.

9. Mikey (1992)

Mikey3Until this production got to enter some of the cinema, Mikey was prohibited in many countries, actually in Great Britain is still forbidden 20 years after it was launched. The scenes of crime and violence are the first reason taking to the prohibition of this film. Another reason was the death of James Bruger in 1993, a 3 years old child who was tortured and killed by two bigger boys.

The film catches Mikey Holt’s story, a 9 year old boy with severe psychological problems, who kills his foster parents and also his friends in a horrible way. The largest part of the movie pictures the boy killing more and more people in order to escape the police.

8. The Human Centipede 1 & 2 (2009, 2011)

The Human CentipedeWhen it was first released in 2009, The Human Centipede was involved in many rumors and scandals because many considered it to be disgusting and even sick. Still, it somehow made it to the cinemas, but it is remembered as one of the most controversial films ever. The movie tells the story of a Danish scientist, suffering of severe mental illness. He kidnaps a group of Americans and tortures them in a way that made the Hollywood critics sick, but also most of the audience.

Still, the producers didn’t give up and launched a second part for this ugly story. As expected, the film was completely forbidden in Great Britain. Director Tom Six claimed that the second movie contains even more blood and violence scenes making the first part look like a joke compared to this one.

7. Scum (1979)

scum Released during the 70s, Scum was prohibited from TV screens for the racism and violence scenes. The film tells the story of a group of teenagers imprisoned in a juvenile correction school who decide to start a rebellion. The production has no lack of violence, rapping and suicide scenes. Although it has been completely remade in 1979, the second version was also prohibited.

Still, the critics said that the second version has a good script and sends an important message showing the atrocities teenagers have to face when being imprisoned and how does these things influence their future behavior.

6. A Serbian Film (2010)

A_Serbian_Film_reviewNow, this one was prohibited in Spain, Brazil, Norway and so on …A Serbian Film is one of the most controversial movies in the history of cinematography. It shows impressive scenes of rapping, incest and children molestation and this is why the film was completely prohibited in several countries. Still, critics received it on separate opinions, but most of them sentenced that this film instigates for a very violent behavior.

The movie shows the story of a porn start who decides to star his ultimate film but he soon discovers he accidentally entered a gang of psycho pedophiles and he has no escape anymore.

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