If the 21st century were to be described by an addiction, that would be TV addiction. More and more people spend most of their free time in front of their beloved televisions and even if they don’t really pay attention to it, the TV must be at least turned on for some background noise – because let’s face it! Sometimes there’s nothing to watch and the TV shows can get boring after 12 repetitive seasons. Though, one aspect everyone surely loves about television and that is TV series.

It’s all about that series

With only a couple of episodes per season or over 20, with just one season or more than 10, horror, fantasy, science-fiction, mystery or drama, for children, teens, adults or everyone, TV series come in different combinations and they are for various types of audiences. So don’t worry if you are not really into a very popular one, because we are sure that your heart was already stolen by another fantastic series.

The Pop in Popularity

When it comes to the recipe of success, no one can be absolutely sure about what makes an ordinary TV series a popular one. Obviously, the story is the clay of the ceramic pot called TV series. The plot is the one that gets people hooked to the series and gives its fans life lessons, something to dream about and many “feels”. On the other hand, some say that the cast is as important as the story line and no one can deny this.

The actors put their hearts into their work and even though they risk being associated with their most popular roles for life, that does not stop them from giving life to fantastic and memorable characters, characters which are also extremely important on their own. Villains, heroes, grey characters, poor, rich, detectives, princesses, doctors, criminals, mythical creatures, absolutely annoying or absolutely adorable, the characters make their fans swoon, scream and cry. Sometimes, even though the character was not very important, the series has ended or most people have given it up, some fans remain faithful to them and you might see even now people wearing Buffy, The Twilight Zone or Dexter T-shirts and quoting them.

Tonight is the night

Because the media world is full of fabulous shows, it took us some time, but we finally made a list of top 10 most popular TV series still on-going. Maybe some of them might not sound familiar to you, but we can assure you that each one has a huge fan base and maybe you will want to join one or more by the end. Enjoy.

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