Note from the author: This top represents only his favorite games that fit more or less into this genre. I understand that this will not suite everyone’s preferences, but I do believe that there’s no problem in stating that you’ll agree with at least some of the games that are presented here. Also this top is made only for the PC Gaming as I don’t own any console.

Open-World represents freedom. The freedom to do everything you want, explore every little secret that the game has hidden, straddle away from the main story into the depths of the game’s universe, losing hours as the land unfolds in front of you as you keep wandering further and further away.

We meet this sub-genre in almost every corner of the gaming universe. We’ll find it in action games (Grand Theft Auto, Red Faction), racing games (Need For Speed, Driver) and of course in RPG’s (The Elder Scrolls, Two Worlds). Often, these kinds of games have told us great stories, shown us entire worlds, both fictional and based on real places and left us with a craving to know more about their universe.

In this article I took the liberty of grouping the best of the best (in my opinion, at least) in one big list of 10 titles. For each title I will offer a little description, present the pros and cons of the game and a view of the game, each of them recorded by yours truly. To avoid spoilers, some of the games will have recorded only its first 1-2 missions to not reveal too much of the game, since I prefer to leave the depths of it to be discovered by those that would like to try the products presented here.

Unfortunately, due to my PC being a bit too low-end, I was forced to miss several new games like Dying Light and Watch Dogs from the list of entries.

I would like to mention that my reviews will not be based almost at all on graphics because I honestly believe that the graphics don’t make a game superb, but the story, gameplay and voice-acting.

So, without further introduction, here are the Top 10 Open-World Games.

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