In this article we shall be presenting our fellow reader with the dark and gritty world of Noir( “black” in French), and not any type of noir, no sir, but a special kind of Noir films: Neo-Noir.

Modern Twist

In The classic era of “film noir”, which was typically dated to the period between the early 1940s and the late 1950s, the plot was usually dominated by crime, murder and deadly beautiful ladies. But Neo-noir is different; it has a modern twist to it.

The themes still remain bleak and gritty, and characters are still often conflicted antiheroes, trapped in a difficult situation, making choices out of desperation or nihilistic moral systems. But compared with the classics, there is no hold barred. You get the painful and ugly slammed right in your face without any mercy. We, the staff of 6toplists, hope you enjoy the list we have made for you.

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