The Marvel Universe, might I dare say, is one of the biggest if not the largest fictional universe ever created in human recorded history. If you thing Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings is has a very deep and long fictional history, you should know that they don’t even hold a candle to the scale of the Marvel World. But now that the Universe is being reshaped and transferred to a new medium. That medium is cinematic.

Marvel Studios has brought to us a new form of entertainment, which has taken the form of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Our parents and maybe even grandparents, why not, only in their wildest dreams have ever imagined to bring to life the action and complex story twist of today’s comic book world. What MCU stands for is “Legacy”. Try to imagine a world without CGI or advanced special effects, a time where the pinnacle of movie effects was a toy space ship hanging from the ceiling on a black background accompanied by cheap sound effects. Sounds really bad by today’s standards, doesn’t it.

Enter the World of Tomorrow, which is Now. The characters we loved and grew up with had a humble beginning in the early ‘40, some even in the ‘60. Now we can see them alive in front of our screens dodging unheard pearls, going through different  parallel dimensions, time traveling and even literally (in fictional world of Marvel) mutating into new species.

We have radioactive spiders, gods that decent from Asgard, advanced technology in the shape of iron suits and vampire hunters. Get yourself ready to be enthralled in the Astounding and Amazing world of Marvel. We give you the top 10 Best Marvel Movies that Hollywood and advanced cinematic can bring.

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