Tomb Raider is an action game that tells the story of Lara Croft, a 21 year old recent graduate of the archaeology university and her evolution from a young woman scared up a fearless survivor. Armed only with instincts and the ability to overcome human limitations, Lara must fight to discover the dark tale of a forgotten island, from where you have to escape death.

The first game of this series, launched in 1996, revolutionized the gaming world. Outstanding in terms of graphics, gameplay and story, this game has managed to change forever the way video games were seen at the time. Lara Croft, the main character, had an incredible impact, becoming a very short time the most successful female character most recognized hero of action games and games industry image. In 2013 Lara Croft suffer a new look, receiving a Hollywood look.

New Tomb Raider

While the new Tomb Raider game coming out in a few days it seems to delight the critics, most of them being players, let’s look for a moment at these players, fans or models actually slipping into the skin of Lara. If there are many video games cosplays, let us admit that the amount of people dressing up like Lara Croft is beyond comprehension. For those of you who do not know what cosplay is, the word “cosplay” is a blend of words of how they sound and what they mean in our case “costume” and “play”, meaning that people who cosplay wear accessories and  clothes to represent a specific character or someone famous.

Sometimes with some wonderful benefits, with a real dedication for making costumes, the choice of locations and sometimes beautiful staging efforts.  We know that video game fans cosplay a lot but what happens when real beautiful models try their hand on this?! Well, every geek’s fantasy, there are tons of people having a digital crush on Lara Croft from playing the game, so early in the game’s stages the company hired some models to represent a life version of the game’s protagonist and the results were not disappointing.

Here is my top international Lara Croft models, inevitably subjective (I took into account the similarity, the quality of costumes, poses and general attitudes) … but in any case, one thing is certain: congratulations to all!

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