10. Steven Seagal

220px-Steven_Seagal_by_Gage_SkidmoreThe 63 year old actor is not the tuff guy only in the films he stars in, but also in his real life. You can take as a proof the testimonies of those people who got to work with this actor. They say that Seagal had a natural pleasure to train with the crew members. He actually kick some of them exactly crotch! Ouch! The king of dozen action films , unnaturally popular on TV screens is famous for the humiliating way he treats his colleagues. John Leguizamo told how, during the shootings for Executive Decision, Seagal catapulted him into a wall when the Columbian actor started laughing on Seagal’s line: “My word is law”.

9. Edward Norton

enclosecannesEverybody knows that Edward Norton (45 years old) is a very passionate and dedicated actor. This is the main reason that makes him very difficult to work with sometimes. He had a famous conflict with the British director Tony Kane on the topic of American History X. The director accused the actor in Variety magazine that he modified the initial version of the film. Tony Kane says that Edward Norton was actually qualified to win the Oscar for this movie if he wasn’t that stubborn and didn’t change the initial script. As a response, Edward Norton claimed the director was late in showing the final version of the film so Miramax asked him as an actor to think of a final version. Also, during the period he used to work on Red Dragon, together with Sir Anthony Hopkins, director Brett Ratner said he had to intervene to appease the creative élan of these two actors.

8. Val Kilmer

Val_Kilmer_CannesVal Kilmer (55 years old) had a star attitude long before he became famous. Actually, even since his first job, while he was only 12 years old, while he had acted in a commercial for hamburgers, Kilmer got annoyed and simply left the movie set. But this isn’t the only action he became famous for, but for his unacceptable behavior in front of the crew. He actually is at odds with director Joel Schumacher since filming for Batman Forever, in 1995. When he was working on Top Gun, the target of his poisonous ironies was Tom Cruise, the leading actor in the film. Kilmer’s unbearable arrogance made the great Marlon Brando leave the movie set and leave his role in The Island of Dr. Moreau. After The Ghost and The Darkness, Michael Douglas swore he will never act again in a film together with Kilmer.

7. Shia LaBeouf

x-4-e1429281216261-1940x1091Most of the people who worked with Shia LaBeouf (29 years old) said at least one unpleasant thing to say about the star in Transformers. Even Harrison Ford who acted together with LaBeouf in Indiana Jones claimed the actor is a huge idiot. He fought Tom Hardy during on the movie set during the shootings for The Wettest County In The World because of a joke. He had a main problem when he heard Hardy talking with another actor – Jason Clarke, about their expensive sport cars. He also had an eccentric behavior during the shootings for Fury, also starring Brad Pitt and he gave birth to a huge controversy as a director, too. He was accused of plagiarism after directing Howard Cantour by Daniel Clowes who claims LaBeouf stole his comics story Justin M. Damiano.

6. Christian Bale

christian-bale-300Although he is one of the most famous actors our days and he always takes his work seriously, Christian Bales (41 years old) actually drives his colleagues crazy and he manages to annoy everybody! But Bale is not interested in making himself liked by the crew members and doesn’t intend to begin friendships with other actors as he confesses. He said he isn’t interested in hearing the life story of other actors, but he also doesn’t want people to know very much things about his own life. He thinks this is the best way to fit the characters better and this is the secret of longevity in cinematography. There is actually a clip on Internet where he is pictured while screaming to the image director for the Terminator: Salvation.

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