We at 6toplists have a soft spot for teenage high school/ college movies. Why do you ask? It is because these kinds of movies remind us, subconsciously might we add, of our own youthful age in high school or college. Most of the characters are young and wild and have their whole future ahead of them, and when we see them in tight situations we can only laugh at them or sympathies with them. There nothing like a good “dramedy” to show us the crazy fun youths are up to and also teach us a few important life lessons.

Spring of Youth

Ah….there is nothing like the spring of youth, when all your emotions sway from one extreme to another: when you love, you LOVE; when you hate; you HATE and when you are sad, you are really sad. We shall be accompanying our characters through their journeys of high and low and we will route for the underdog to get the girl, the frat guys to get their justice and the nerds to get their revenge.

Even though the films are made to make you laugh they can, at moments, evoke real feelings which can teach us how to be better people, no matter old or young. Just thinking of how Ferris Buller skipped school brings us back to our days in high school when we would skip school with the “crew” and get up too all sorts of crazy stuff like smoking behind the school building and stealing a beer from the fridge at house parties , or the good old college years which are a haze of drinking, partying, girls and pranks….oh and studying of course, let’s not forget about studying.

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