Before i begin this article i want to start by stating that I’m not just listing random games that i love. Here, I list my evolution as a human being up until this point.

Personally, I don`t think that playing video-games automatically mean that you have no life, it means that you had lived many more. Actually, I saw a great theory on YouTube, by Matt Pat, that stated that video games were initially made for three basic human needs : the need of progressing through life , the need of being a part of society and the need of to socialize

For the first need, platformer games were made. Games in which you have to traverse the world you find yourself into by jumping. They began simple with Donkey Kong and slowly evolved to games, that in these days, are considered pieces of art. For the second need, cooperative gameplay was created. Games in which everyone has a role to play in order to win.

Some great examples are TeamFortres2 and Warframe. For the third and final need, mmorpg, or Massively-Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game), games that, in a weird way, simulated reality. Many people that suffer from anxiety found shelter in this kind of games. These games have had a great impact on my life, will not only offer you hours of fun, but will also improve your real stats.

9-10. Dark Souls /Blood Bourne

games that anyone can playThis game will kill ,you a lot!

A well-executed and yet simple rpg with no map, no guide, no story . This game will torture you. Technically, you are alone with no one to help you. You will die, and be killed a lot in this game.

The mechanics are simple: dodge, hit, parry and heal; but you must have in  mind while playing : how much do i weight, how much until the next checkpoint, what are these, who is that, why is that giant sword coming at me……you died.

This game builds your character. You are alone. To find out the story you must put togheter pieces which come from 3 sources: 1. item descriptions, 2. npc dialogue ,3. enviorment. The story is not complete. You must complete it with you`r own theories.

Finishing those game means 5 things:

  1. you overcome lonliness
  2. you overcome fear of death
  3. you have poven that no matter the obstacle you will succeded
  4. you won againgst all ods
  5. you overcame yourself

8. The witcher series

video games that anyone can playAction rpg`s with interesting game mechanics, ( only useful if you play on hard mode ) and a quite interesting skill tree ,this series will show you the true meaning of racism. This series is set in medieval times, where magic is a bad thing.

The story is based more on politics rather than the usual, overused plot line (blah blah blah evil overlord blah blah chosen one blah blah sexy times). The protagonist`s name is Geralt of Rivia, a witcher (trained and genetically enhanced to become a monster slayer). The plot line comes like this:

Witcher 1: Geralt wakes up with no memory, other that the fact that he was hunted and desperately seeks to find his memories. Aided by redhead sorcerer, he saves humans by stopping the civil war between elves , dwarfs ( that are treated badly and cruel by humans) and humans. That earns him a place as the king`s advisor

Witcher 2: Geralt is framed to have killed the king and seeks to clear his name. As his journey unfolds he can’t remain neutral , from a politics standpoint, (as witchers should be) and, in the end, he regains his memory.


What do you learn? 2 things : 1. if you have to choose tween evil and lesser evil choose none 2. it`s not easy to be neutral.

7. Mass effect series

games for everyoneA linear , and yet open world, game with enough characters, quests and story to be considered an rpg , and yet gameplay that revolves around shooting, mass effect is a sci-fi rpg shooter that is based on interspecies communications.

Unlike star wars games, (where 90% of the characters feel like Americans) the characters really feel like being from other planets : with their own ideals, traditions and rivalries.

You play as commander Shepard ( in this game even the fucking janitors have titles like *brooming expert Bob*) that commands the ship ssNormandy and, in any game of the series, he has to unite multiple species to stop Armageddon( the last 2 games of the series could have been avoided if the galactic council would have listened to Shepard).

Even though many people criticize this game for being boring and repetitive, i think the true beauty of it is trying to forge alliances ( for ex choosing the correct dialog option or doing the correct side quest). I restarted every game about 4 times because someone that i liked died ( also you can bang aliens )

This game teaches you how to be a leader. How to make good choices…not for one species..but for the entire galaxy..if you play this game..prepare to sacrifice a lot.

6. Darksiders 2

best video games for anyoneThis one is for the metal heads out there. A beautifully crafted action rpg , heavily inspired by “The Book of Revelation” (in which the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse are mentioned ).

Developed by Vigil games and published by THQ , this game focuses around Death, one of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse, (Death being personified as a the last Nephilim.Seriously read the book of revelation. It`s awesome.) that tries to absolve his brother War from his sins. ( basically War , another horsemen , killed humanity and brought Armageddon).

Awesome combo based combat system, beautiful graphics, awesome storyline. Why i say metal heads?(Metalheads are unite as one) beacus this game will teach you about brotherly love. How to react when you r brother did some stupid shit and you have to rescue him. You wanna be  a great friend? Play this game.

5. Gray Matter

best video games for everybodyThis game made me cry. It`s a point an click game and is based around a Goth chick that goes to Oxford to join the infamous Daedalus club ( A club made for magicians where only the one`s that can perform a great trick can enter. One of them made a diamond disappear from a museum and appear a week later).

On her way to Oxford she arrives at the mansion of a neurologist , that retired because of facial disfiguration, (that he got from a car accident) and poses as her new assistant. The story is deep the puzzles are clever and it shows the world of illusionists. (the world being plot line. The first i will not spoil)

This game will show you how much death, love, science and determination have in common… i beg of you… Play this game… This game will show you how true love feels like.

4. Knights of the old republic 2

Top 10 Games That Anyone Should PlayThis one is based on, and accurately represents, the Star Wars universe , 2000 years before yoda`s parents were fucking on Yavin 4. It`s a turn base action rpg.

The story revolves around the Exile ( after the mandalorian wars, after the downfall of the old Jedi council, the Exile returns to gather the remaining Jedi and fight the newly assembled Sith forces). The game represent one of the first, and still one of the best, rpg games ever made. The story is deep and full of plot twists, the characters are deep and have detailed pasts. The complexity of the skill tree allows you to play as you want (assassin force user….warrior blaster user..).

What this game teaches, you is not found in the story or the gameplay, but in how you develop as an individual. For ex:  when i reached Nar Shadaa (like Brooklin, were niggas are the Huts) i was asked five credits by a beggar.

Naturally i gave him the money  ( since i just picked 400 of a dead body) and a voice popped on my head followed by a cut scene that shows him being killed for the 5 credits. The voice said “you can do more good with a clenched fist than with open arms”

3. God Of War series

best games for anyoneThose games just sweat testosterone. They are action adventure, platform combat based games full of gore, sex and mythology (so all the sensitive Christian little bitches stay away) . Those are games heavily inspired by Greek mythology.

The protagonist, KRATOS, is a Spartan that was tricked by Ares(the god of war) to kill his family. I will not spoil anything ,but i will say this : it`s not all as it seems like. In those games the heroes/god are portrayed as villains (just as they should be if you ask me).

Many people could say that it is just a gore machine, but, i think these games are an accurate view on grief and hatred, the effects that the most powerful feelings have on people around you. Just try and imagine slaughtering through hundreds of demon. Nice, isn’t it?  Well, as beings who live in a civilized society we should not let these images out of our sick and twisted brains.

This game teaches you anger magament…it s sad how many people we lose because we were angry at the moment.

2. The Wolf Among Us

Top 10 Games That Anyone Should PlayThe Wolf Among Us is a Tale a Tale game developed by the company with the same name. Basically the game is a huge cut scene and you have to make a choice out of 4 dialogue options every 5 minutes.

The plot of the game you ask? Imagine all the fairy tale characters you love, got into drugs, and moved to the city. You play as Sheriff BigB, aka The Big Bad wolf from The Little Red Riding hood tale. I can’t say too much without ruining the whole game, but i can say 2 things: 1. This game will kill your childhood.

For example , you know how, in the wolf`s story there was a hunter who cut the wolf`s belly to free the poor grandma? Well , guess what, he was the bad guy all along. And 2. The art style (which resembles a Batman comic book ) drags you into the story.

Why is this fucking game so important?(said the bloody voice that should reprezent you mofos)

Because it helps you discover who you are because you have approximativly 3 seconds to answer or to choose an action. You can t lie…for ex..i always thought i was the good guy…i killed half of the main characters whithouth judging.

1. Okami

best games to play toplistThis game will make you cry!

“Okami”  is a game produced by “Clover Studios” and published by “Capcom”, which, at its time, didn`t had  great sales, but now it is considered to be a piece of art. “Okami” is an action adventure game with simple mechanics, the most interesting one being the celestial brush (you help the world to regain its beauty by painting), and yet, “Okami” stands out from a story and art style perspective.

The story is based on a Japanese tale (big guy big sword helped by a god banishes evil, basic stuff,  but i encourage you to search for it. Naruto fans will shit bricks ) . The art style resembles the old Japanese painting style so much , that you actually feel immersed in the beauty of the game. This game will take every thought you had on beauty , fuck it, and then put it back in your skull.

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