Switching from sub-genre to a whole genre, I’m going to describe my top 10 favorite racing games. As usual the games will cover more than a generation. Be it on 2, 4, 8 or even no wheels at all, racing can even include weapons while the main concern remains the same: Finish on the first place (or destroy everyone else. *Takes a look at Carmageddon series*).

Hard decision

As usual, picking a top 10 out of hundreds of great racing games is hard, but I made it easier for myself by focusing on PC gaming only. My preference resides in simulation racing and that you’ll find as you advance towards the top list, the first place having the possibility to crash your car so hard that you won’t be able to ever finish the race (how could you if you have no wheels). This time due to some changes in my life I am unable to deliver self-made gameplay at all the games so I will use clips made by others where I have to.

Without further chitchat here’s my Top 10 Favorite Racing Games.

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