10. The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt

PS4 game, The witcher 3The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a work that will have crystallized many hopes. Driven by a studio in the very special status in the hearts of players, The Witcher saga has carved a prominent place in the world Western RPG with mature universe.

A wide world open to technical licked and freedom. Connoisseurs and neophytes saw in March 1 Witcher RPG kind of a messiah. But the little game of the open world, many have broken teeth, as to want to do too much you can lose sight of the essential. Did not count on the talent of the Polish studio …

A Game of Choice and Consequences…

Good self-respecting RPG, the story of The Witcher 3 is primarily a series of choices, not always obvious and often with quite an heavy impact. Whether you decide to take on the role of protector of the weak, the defender of “monsters” or absolute pragmatism, there will always be an element of unexpected in the course of things.

The Manichean side left in the closet, the choice of the lesser evil is therefore not always the happiest! The game also excels in the art of using its vast space as a theater of his screenwriting ambitions. The card never takes the theme park filled tunes here and there copy and paste content to complement compulsively.

Exploration and progression of intrigues interweave rather brilliantly, every quest, primary or secondary, takes you on breathless and visceral gaming hours. A special effort has been made to the staging, the quality of dialogue, but also to the many cutscenes using the game engine.

Everything is served by French dubbing of a quality and a natural welcome. No, dubbing into the language of Molière is not ashamed to face his English counterpart, let it be said once and for all! It is possible to switch between languages ​​directly from the game menus and playing in English (or another language) while retaining the French subtitles if you wish.

There is No Good or Bad Here, Just Some Decisions to Make

bear attack, PS4 game, The Witcher 3: Wild HuntQuests are divided into several categories: the main frame with the sequence lasts about 35 hours and side missions that have the names of secondary as their wealth and their life would turn pale with shame any DLC solo fee; this is in addition to contracts involving witcher to hunt an animal against a pretty ugly bonanza to negotiate. Finally, treasure hunts, short missions as exploration can recover some wonderful weapons and armor.

It is difficult to measure the lifetime of an open world RPG as each player’s routes will be different. Allow at least 80 hours to see the end of the game, this is certainly the time it took me to complete the adventure by sacrificing many side quests on the altar of the imperative of the test. In short, the game is full of content and manages the feat of making it exciting from start to finish.

The Witcher 3 is Above All Atmosphere, the Proof House Extracts

Exciting from start to finish, the main quest alone could justify a High praise addressed to the game since the start of this test. It depicts a gallery driven any right of prior studies and novels. The romantic saga readers can rejoice, the cast reveals many familiar faces. And it is again a force as CD Projekt: its high quality cast for both his main characters and NPCs to his expressive broken faces.

With an absolute charisma in this episode, Geralt appears more mature and more determined than ever to find his daughter. He is supported by a Yennefer with which the relationship will not be only verbal. For The Witcher 3 demerit again does not sound mature label, the title addresses different subjects such as incest, alcoholism or the horrors of war with the quality of writing and staging one now knows him.

That lovers of beautiful redhead rest assured, Triss Merigold is indeed in the game and you will understand that the time is decidedly bleak for mages. The game has the gift of making up the narrative tension and create an atmosphere of inexorable fall. All with stunning realism tinged here and there with dark humor.

Over the Swords, Steel Dance and Money

fight screenshot, The Witcher 3: Wild HuntThe Witcher 3 combat system is in the logical continuation of The Witcher 2 gameplay that remains based on the use of two different swords and magic signs to use in combat as well as certain elements of the decor. Steel blades for human and silver blades for monsters that fit snugly in his back, Geralt recovered by force of circumstances, the use of a crossbow is preferred to calm flying and aquatic creatures.

The sword fights are gaining fluidity compared to those of its predecessor, more agile, Geralt is also more ruthless in his attacks. Prepare to see flying heads, arms, or cutting diagonal rib cage moult monsters. It emerges clashes visceral flow served by convincing sound effects along with some bloody finish moves in slow motion look the best mode. In short, we want more!

To shine in combat, it is necessary to master the art of the parade and dodging. If counter is especially useful against human opponents equipped with knives, they will more willingly make the use of dodging to avoid the blows of monsters claws. Once the system has taken over the clashes of The Witcher 3 it shows a beautiful technicality.

Opponents are rarely left presenting alone, moving with the agility of a cat in the middle of a gang of bandits, parry at the right time, and then respond with a well-placed attack, it all appears quite exhilarating. The AI ​​is still evidence of some failures in normal mode including some creatures who let themselves be pushed around a bit without reacting.

Geralt retains some flexibility since it can always use bombs or his crossbow to scrounge some damage remotely or under water. But here, nothing is as effective as signs to take over during the fighting, and that’s good, they were somewhat redesigned.

Inventory and Menus in Gaining Clarity

Fortunately, the inventory had the charming idea of ​​abandoning the list on the far side and returned to an organization more practical grid for use. A welcome fluidity when you begin to dip your nose in the crafting system in the game.

Rich and very useful, it can build on the talent of the most talented artisans for crafting weapons and armor high quality with components collected during the adventure or recovered by removing other trinkets. Pleasure rare loot does exist in The Witcher 3, its impact on the look and performance in Geralt’s combat is significant.

Each weapon or armor, whether manufactured according to a diagram provided to an artisan or unearthed turning a dark cave changes the appearance of the witcher. How many times have I found in full pursuit, down in the depths of a dungeon with a broken weapon with one makeshift tool. It is always possible to use equipment to depleted sustainability, but his stats will be much diminished. So be sure to always come out with a few repair kits!

So Beautiful Graphics!

Graphically, this console version admirably pulls and if one feels that CD Projekt has had to revise some of its objectives downwards, The Witcher 3 comes on strong in the small world of open world games. Larger cities such as Novigrad or Oxenfurt, forests, villages and muddy swamps, it is technicality able to flatter our retinas.

The followers of the sacred war consoles versus PCs rank their acerbic pen, yes Witcher 3 looks better on PC, thinner, less aliased, less prone to clipping, more fluid. Nevertheless, this console version did not blush when you look at its performance. Where concessions were made then? On the remote display at first.

beautiful scenery, The Witcher 3 : Wild HuntWithout ultimately hinder the overall experience of the game, the PS4 release suffers from a lot of clipping on vegetation, on certain textures or appearance of the characters. This problem may be mitigated by the planned patch day the game is released, we will give you the news. On the framerate in a second time.

In view of the claims of the title, it seemed clear that the 30 fps announced would have a little trouble keeping them stable. In use, the PlayStation 4 manages to maintain a satisfactory framerate during most scenes, but is beginning to show weakness since the crowd and weather effects are more numerous. You see the thing during a walk in the marsh during storms for example.

Splendid as a whole, the Witcher 3 is therefore somewhat less in its details. But despite these flaws, CD Projekt did nothing wrong, do not forget that here we want an open world without loading times during transitions inside / outside. One has only to observe the attention to detail to greet the technical performance of the studio: the villages are living, populated kids humming rhymes and filthy peasants, the witcher’s beard grows as the days (there are city ​​barbers), the interiors are filled with various trinkets.

To sublimate all, Marcin Przybylowicz book a masterly soundtrack tunes reinterpretations made known to the saga and magnificent Slavic ballads played at the Byzantine lyra, hearts will also give full lung to deliver a sound design to Like the rest of the game, breathtaking.

The physics engine undergoes on this version some small hiccups particularly at certain collisions with NPC. Another detail that may be corrected by the patch one day. Chains and necklaces worn by most of the characters have a tendency to get restless without knowing why. Geralt’s hair also float at the mercy of air currents, indoors or outdoors for a small effect “Because I’m worth it” that lend to smile more than anything else.

9. Pro Evolution Soccer 2016

soccer game, pes 2016 coverDo you hear the fans singing? The fever that emanates from the crowd? Heavy on the ball and groans deaf to every contact you supported? No doubt, football is back with PES 2016, an episode that could be a real turning point for the series.

When we say PES, many memories invade the minds of videogame soccer players. The series has long been unbeatable in terms of gameplay and feel of the game. Unfortunately, the generation PS3 / 360 was not really well for the game from Konami and a FIFA has monopolized the front of the stage. However, even during this period, PES was present and even if the gaps were undeniable, the series remains an alternative.

But that was until 2014. Indeed, PES seems divinely managed the transition to the 8th generation consoles and the episode in 2015 signed a real renewal that clearly put the series back in the race. The good thing is that the episode in 2016 continues in the same way by offering a gameplay that is both accessible and technique. But seeing it up close.

Tater Leather

It is always difficult to explain why someone would buy a football game at every release. Indeed, each year, the differences may seem tenuous. Yet sports games are a genre where each micro-changes can have a dramatic impact on the general content. PES 2016 is thus part of its games that have changed a lot of things, for a dynamic and pleasant result without being bottom of the front.

The most obvious impact is that of entertainment: a bunch of new moves have been added to refine the gameplay by making it more realistic. You feel it especially with the root surfaces used in assists, long or short. Depending on the position of the player, he will carry out the most logical movement.

An inside of the foot that bypasses a defender, a little outside of the foot, turning quickly to push the ball to a teammate, there are many examples. This variety of animation makes the possession of ball much more fluid, making PES 2015 a more visually impressive than before the game. In fact, the simple act of watching a game is fun!

It’s All In the Head

screenshot from the game, PES 2016But contacts were also reviewed, starting with air Thurs. Thanks to Fox Engine graphics and physics, was the impression that the movements and balance of players depending on the contact with other players. It is not impossible, for example, to see a player tipping over another while playing a ball with a header. It is even possible to make lifts, thus helping an opponent to climb higher.

Also note that this change physical players benefit, you can jostle to place you in the passing game and a player pushing a little less strong. Since the timing of the jump is always a significant importance in PES, air balloons are an interesting piece of the gameplay that is definitely away from the button-smashing old.


Overall, PES 2016 gameplay is a pleasure oriented team play and quick passes. If he can dribble, all the tactical aspect is really based on calls balls and how one spins the ball. Besides the manual control system calls, still effective even if it takes a little time to be mastered, the AI-controlled teammates already decided for themselves to take the spaces correctly.

And no, they do not just call forward. It is for example not uncommon for an advanced attack suddenly back to get rid of a pressing marking. But if this aspect seems to favor an offensive game, do not think you’ll get by so easily to find the way of the goal. In addition to covering spaces AI, defense is also favored in many ways, starting with physical contact.

PES 2016 PS4 gameIt’s simple, the slipped tackles are incredibly effective. Not only do they allow you to retrieve the ball from a great distance, but the cons or double-contact are almost always favorable to the tackler, especially because the attacker tackled is really destabilized (falls, etc.).

The good point is that it rewards risk taking. Who has not bitched to a tackle right in ball touch the feet of the attacker, letting it sink into the net on a single throw of the dice? However, note that the trend seems a little too pronounced, especially on some tackles from behind.

The effectiveness of tackles is probably tenfold by the fact that the risk of evictions are not very large. Unless you make a pure attack in last defender position, you will only see a few yellows from time to time, and again tackles some killers are not even punished. So, it becomes a little celebration with sliding tackles which can potentially ruin a few games when playing against butchers.

We could then speak of advantage to the defense. However, note that if the effectiveness of tackling the complex makes building game for attack, scoring a goal often becomes a breeze once in the right position. Not that the guards are particularly bad: it is rather the shots that are very effective and easy to place. It certainly is not dramatic, but it sounds like a refrain.

Content and Life

Christiano Ronaldo, PES 2016Although it is ultra-important, the gameplay is not everything. Football games will also need to have a consistent content, especially because we often ask them to have a lifespan of one year. PES 2016 course offers several modes, including myClub who appeared last year and which has the blow of the many changes that were made during the year. It still allows createing teams online to play against other players.

For this opus were added exclusive players mode and a level system in particular. The Master League mode has for its part saw an overhaul of its menu and a new system of transfers more suitable. There are also a Legend mode to make a star of a player and numerous redundant cuts.

If you think automatically to the Champions League, PES flagship license, there is also the UEFA Cup, the Libertadores Cup, the AFC Champions League and many more. Of course, one can also create their own sections, as above. For cons, the series of Konami still suffers from a lack of licenses at the championships, starting with the teams of the English Championship.

End up the technical and artistic dimensions. Not surprisingly, the faces of the most famous players are always well made. Technically, it should not dwell too long on details like rain (and splash water) or grass, is very correct rendering including replays.

Certainly, we do not really play the football games for the graphics, but it’s good to know. Musically, it was again entitled to a rather varied playlist that trying all kinds. It is eclectic enough to not freak after 10 minutes and that’s something.

8. Destiny

cover photo of destinyIt’s full of melancholy that Bungie studio had to abandon its favorite license, Halo, which went cozy up to neighboring 343 Industries to stay in the lap of Microsoft. It was there already a few years and the studio based in Bellevue seems to have digested the break based on a whole great project, especially new and full of ambition through financial contributions therefore Activision: Destiny. History of approaching the smooth transition, but Bungie has not denied its pleasure to develop resolutely sci-fi universe by offering us a futuristic epic with very different characteristics, however. Mission accomplished?

In the near future, man will land on Mars, and will have the surprise to discover a huge star with unknown properties. The relay cosmo … forgiveness. The traveler, as its name suggests, has traveled many countries before running aground close to our solar system and will change the face of humanity with the advanced technologies it carries.

Taking advantage of these, men will experience good times called the golden age that will allow them in particular to colonize neighboring planets of the solar system, Mars and Venus, plus good old Moon on which we would have to do reliable source ever set foot. But that’s another debate.

You can imagine, this golden age was brutally stopped by the attack of darkness, the enemy always the traveler that goes across the galaxy and will bring with it some alien races frequentable, not really. Holding out despite the repeated battering of its invaders, men will eventually retreat into the last city on Earth and enjoy a last stroke of brilliance traveler to temporarily keep their opponents at bay.

Defined by Bungie shooter as a shared world, the latest FPS from the creators of Halo has often struggled to clarify its kind. Define it clear once and for all: Destiny is an online FPS oriented cooperation, the gameplay built for consoles with features evoking some Borderlands.

If it takes some typical MMO systems, it is only to bring a little variety between two phases of action in cooperation, since it has neither the main features, nor depth. This accuracy is made, we can now address one of the important points of the first title, scenario.

Destiny Does Not Shine With Its Screenplay

Destiny ps4 game charactersIt is in the skin of a guardian, one of the soldiers protecting the city, you wake up with a goal in mind: to push one last time darkness to deliver much needed vacation for our little darlings who are Private hiking on Mars. Dur. Behind this lurks a seductive pitch first disappointment related to the main story. In a fairly decent life for a modern FPS (allow at least 15 hours straight), it is, however, back throughout your party and shows only a few cutscenes no great genius.

An all the more disappointing realization that the intensity of the missions is increasing and portends an explosive final … but ultimately well gentillet. Too bad, because the universe that emerges in the background is clearly attractive and deserved a much better bill scenario.

But if you want to deepen the experience and learn about the background of your epic, it will be imperative to go through Bungie.net and view the many tomes that you unlock in the game.

The Missions are Instanced and Accessible Via a Map

Despite the legitimate disappointment, however, we cannot hide a certain pleasure experienced during your travels on four main planets of the adventure: Earth, Venus, Mars and the Moon. It all starts with creating your characters, which takes place in three stages.

The choice of a class first, between Titan, Hunter, and Arcanist, followed by the choice of a race between humans, awake, humanoid halfway between elves and angels or the exos, machines terminatoresque design.

A slight but friendly creation tool is the third and final step before you embark on the adventure, which immediately puts you in a very bad position, alone and unarmed in the depths of which is the old Russia. Here you are awakened by your spectrum, a cubic robot (voiced by Peter Dinklage in VO) that briefly explains your role as caretaker before to lead you to other horizons.

Once past this first phase, you quickly see that the system tends to repeat itself: main mission followed by a return in capital to change his stuff before returning to explore the available planets that are unlocked when you complete all the main missions the previous star.

Welcome to the Tower, the Haunt of Guards

Tower, Destiny PS4 gamePrecisely evoke the planets, 4 in number, they each have their own visual identity but are all built on the same system: a series of semi-open areas connected by corridors and can be traversed in one go in drill mode, with main interest recover valuable resources to upgrade your weapons. If you select a mission from the story mode, you’ll have to go some of this area and at the end of the mission, your character will automatically get back into orbit.

An idea rather logical since you will often return to the tower between two Story mode missions. It still breaks the rhythm of the adventure already started in many long load times. The repetitive side of your path is felt elsewhere for long hours, up to level 15 specifically, step from which you will begin to unlock the first content addressed to high-level players.

The tower is its capital office side and is the return point guards keen to acquire new devices over lumens collected during their adventure, to sign contracts giving them the experience and reputation bonuses and theory find other guardians to create groups. In fact, this last part is not really pushed because of limited interaction with them. For example it is impossible to discuss orally with a guard without being part of his squad. Not easy to get to know in these conditions!

The Golden Gun Is the Special Power of the Hunter

Seems essential to know and to enjoy the best possible experience on Destiny’s cooperative play missions. Do not expect to have to fight to take the role of tank or avoiding that of healer, since here all the classes are “damage” oriented .

The main exception is that the Titan is able to protect his teammates by improving the second doctrine, but for the rest it is noted few real differences in the role occupied by each. We mentioned at the time, each class has two doctrines kinds of talent trees determining the grenade type, jumping, super-loads and melee hits that will have your guardian. The early doctrines are far less interesting than the second, which bring more interest to the gameplay.

screenshot from game, DestinyFinally, the main differences between the classes takes more cosmetic appearance than pure gameplay, a choice partly borne by Bungie that disappoint teamplay experts and delight fans of pure and hard action. And it will take loving action to overcome the 4 races aliens present in the game, who have cared designs but who have an obvious pumped back classes with similar behaviors for each class from basic infantryman in Chief War plays on its side “PV bag”.

The AI ​​is not remarkable for his intelligence but compensates by a group effect and a pronounced aggressive side that requires you to regularly hide to avoid losing your PV. Finding all the more important when crossing dark areas, death will require you to start at the beginning of it.

You Can Change the Capacity of the Characters Via the System of Doctrine

The last part of the game is already proving much more complete with the arrival of all the PvP modes, scenarios heroic missions, heroic assaults and raids term that will promote group cohesion by not allowing to be joined by a matchmaking system. The feeling that emerges when you reach level 20 is set as was the increasing level only a pretext to take you to the best interests of the title represented by the high level content.

Once at level 20, it’s not the experience that you will achieve level 30 but points of light spread over the high-level equipment that you will find during missions proposed at this stage of the game. And if you want to reach the ultimate level that is level 30, it will require farmer reputation points to get the best equipment of the tower.

If the system is run in and pulls the rope of a mechanical addictive video game (farmer – loot – progress), it will not require unanimity and to appreciate the chain loop missions. A variety of strand (crafting system?) Would have been a nice touch for players wanting to make a small break between shootings.

However, we appreciate the most talent trees worked rarer equipment (blue exotic) that are unlocked by acquiring experience and using the materials collected during your first levels. Even those you may never use and think that you have already sold to pay you an outdated weapon after a few hours. Serious mistake friends, big mistake.

Destiny’s Landscapes are Beautiful. Very Beautiful

If several points seem to lack depth, we must emphasize the superb work done on the technical realization, artistic and sound of Destiny. Signed Marty O’Donnell, the soundtrack does wonders and managed to raise the interest alone kinematics of the main Timeline. Epic majestic words do not fail to describe it, which is closely followed by the artistic direction of the highest level.

Each planet, each environment has its own visual identity and is fun to admire the landscape and sky from every nook of Venus or Mars, my two favorites environments. From the technical point of view, the title comes out smoothly on the new generation of consoles thanks to shimmering lighting effects, modeling equipment and impeccable animated enemies. Congratulations to the artistic team that signs a net-work, clean and free of burrs.

Ready for a Multiplayer Session?

Last to address the competitive multiplayer mode is very classic and not surprisingly. Domination, team deathmatch, deathmatch everyone for himself or capture relics, all still simple but escapes with honors thanks to thoughtful maps that avoid wild respawns.

However, one can only note with some frustration the power difference between the super-loads of the hunter and those of its two congeners, the Titans and the Arcanists. These two have indeed able to devastate areas of damage a team at a glance where the hunter must take charge in several shots.

Too bad, because the balance is thereby especially upset that the hunter does not really manage to compensate with his throwing knife certainly practical but difficult to implement on a very mobile enemy. PS: Raids 6 playable in co-operation could not be tested because they disembark until September 16 in the game.

7. NBA 2k16

cover image, NBA 2k16Each year, every school year, sports games are back. And while our football fans friends are torn over which football game is better ( FIFA 16 VS PES 16), NBA fans are enjoying themselves with each episode. Yes, since this year, raw is quality.

Test a new NBA 2k16, it is always a fight against time, against fatigue. It must be said that the title of Visual Concepts is so rich, so complete, so time-consuming, therefore, that almost give the remains. Imagine a way in which are involved a more comprehensive career mode that no sports game has ever been able to offer; a pseudo NBA version of Football Manager; FIFA Ultimate Team for a lover of the orange ball; moult and ways to express your talents locally or online.

This depth is found in the content but also in the gameplay. The series has accustomed us to this level of greatness that fans have come to nitpick about the absence of certain accessories or hyper technical set details … From this point of view, things do not change as expected, NBA 2k16 manages to offers better than last year, it is not free from defects.

Career Career After …

The big project of this NBA 2k16 game is the MyCareer mode. In this mode, so you play as a newcomer in the league. The objectives that we can therefore give are numerous: five major mainstream of a large team for smaller, MVP titles loop and three-peat for the more ambitious.

Last year, the mode was enriched conversations with teammates, the arrival of a rival, and the ability to speak ill reporters during question and answer sessions after the match. All was not perfect, but the issue was mostly: can we do better? Visual Concepts attempted the shot.

If You Already Had a Player on NBA 2K15, You 2k16 Directly Imports

high school career, NBA 2k16You will not have it missed, but the information learned this year is that Spike Lee (Malcolm X, He Got Game, Inside Man …) has invited the credits, and it was not there to make up the numbers. Big fan of basketball and NBA (whatever being a fan of the Knicks the question one may ask – that troll is offered by the house), Lee brought his paw mode, which makes it feel only when your debut. In fact, your career begins in high school.

But do not you pack: the highschool / university part is pretty slim, though frankly damn good. As a high school student, you will finally play a few games, very short, same thing in college. But developers have not forgotten to adjust the mood and it does not fall on animals copy and paste NBA rooms.

In high school, so you’ll be playing in small venues, so hear very well the spectators in the stands cheer you, or you whistle; the sound environment is very different from what we find in the NBA, it is inevitably less impressive but we perfectly hear the cheerleaders … Strange feeling!

Presentation Trailer of “Living da dream”, the Career Mode as Spike Lee

Once this short highshool season is over, you will be approached by different universities, their identity depends on your results and your style of play. After a defeat in the final, I was approached by a dozen facs, from Kansas through by Michigan, up UCLA. So Los Angeles I conducted my academic career, though short for my taste: only few matches of two half-time until finishing the year and introduce me to the NBA draft in 2015.

He would was good to stay a few more years in university: the atmosphere is particularly crazy: the rooms are bigger and the crowd is very, very, very hot, pushing its teams through songs and especially thanks to bands that play various hymns to encourage their players. Again, this is very different from highschool and NBA Visual Concepts made a very big effort on these mood changes and it is frankly enjoyable.

Drafted by the Jazz in 12th position, my rookie season was as slow as short, which may seem paradoxical. This is actually where the contribution of Spike Lee becomes questionable: we quickly understand that the director wants to tell a story, that of your player, you completely lose control. Your rookie season, limited to eight matches, completely escapes you: time without advance that you have real control over events, such as your relationship (harmful) with Vic, the best friend of “Freq.”

Frequency Vibration is the nickname of your player, who the days of these 8 games, is no longer your player at all. You especially suffer long cutscenes in which Freq discusses and berates his family, his friends, his agent … If the bias is interesting at first, he tired quickly, especially as the story told Lee b is not particularly interesting.

You Unlock New Possible Connections as and as Your Number of Fans Increases

In short, you’ll understand that this mode My Player, after a somewhat complicated departure (what interesting in approach), is doing well and manages to offer us something new and deeper in my humble opinion.

Some criticize the lack of discussion between players, as was the case in NBA 2K15, but we must be objective and recognize that in the long conversations made no sense. Jimmy Butler hear you talking like a blue, while you are dual MVP and your arrival in the team has helped Chicago win its first title since Michael Jordan … it’s a little unsettling, to say the something else.

The Interface of MyGM Fashion Has Changed Little

NBA 2k16 manager modeForgive this heading in bad taste too soft fries, and therefore turn to MyGm mode if you wish. NBA equivalent of a football manager, so the mode puts you in the shoes of a General Manager in the making.

After choosing which team to integrate, so you’ll manage a NBA franchise, from player workouts, whether collective or individual; the price of entry and parking tickets; relations with the coaching staff; and therefore everything related to recruitment, transfers, and other drafts. If you know the series, you will not be lost, things did not change much from the previous episode. But they are enriched with some new features not unpleasant.

Go Hop, the Rookie Will Work a Bit

I think of the individual drives of the players you can set with extreme precision. If until now you had to choose the intensity of training and what the focus (physical, tactical, basic), you now have the opportunity to decide on how your player will work in each mentioned sections. In the same vein, if you want your player works his basic solo, but join the rest of the group for the physical and tactical, it is possible.

In short, the options are many, and we can not strongly advise you to play the most possible matches to refine your workouts, to see who needs what. And among the tons of possible functions (for talent, research transfers, contract management of players …), there is news that has not hurt about her: that allowing a GM to organize the relocation of its franchise.

Again, everything is customizable: you can choose your city, the brand team, the design of the room … until the look of your uniform. Of course, relocate your team is not done like that since it takes a viable project and support of the NBA as those of other franchise owners. Unfortunately, all this takes time, and during this test, I have not been able to reach a move.

Too bad the Lakers in Seattle, it would have had to face … Though kicking to death with size 56 pumps the big butt of Chris Paul and his LA Clippers outside would have had more meaning and a sacred charm. Pouf ottoman, excuse, the Lakers fan in me was speaking too loudly.

nba mode, nba k216We continue the waltz of intertitles to relevance more than criticism and happily it connects the gameplay the game. Yes because all these game modes (and still I do not have them all yet submitted) is very nice but without quality gameplay, it would not be as interesting. You will not be surprised to learn that NBA 2k16 is extremely playable.

Always so demanding, the series took the opportunity to review its password system, which becomes much more accessible but also more accurate. On One, A gives you a classic passes, with a pass bounce B and Y a lofted pass. Double B for a spectacular pass and Y for alley-oop pass, and now you know all the passes NBA 2k16. It’s simple, effective, and this benefits the passing game is now much more fluid.

In the same kind of idea, the system of feints and dribbling was revised and now everything is done with the right stick on your controller. If you dribble a little jolt in one direction or another will result in a departure feigned or more technical dribble to trick your vis-à-vis; it is always possible to change dribble hands by passing the ball from one side to the other, and fake passes and shooting is always so easy.


In MyGM mode or AM 2K Pro, you can create your room, and your own uniform. A feature that Visual Concepts has taken very seriously, once again: the customization possibilities are extremely numerous.

Type of flooring, wood color, different color paints applied here and there, types of baskets, trademark uniform side table … again there is choice and you will even have the ability to upload on the site the image series, which you can then recover in the game. This is how you can create a unique emblem, to apply on your jersey or directly on the floor of your room. It was an opportunity for me to create the Santa Monica Gundam, in minutes. Awesome.

Modelling the Faces of the Players is Splendid

nba 2k16, ps4 gameNeedless to say that NBA 2k16 is a beautiful game, you know. The series already has a great reputation and it’s not the episode that will make me lie: the new baby of Visual Concepts is splendid. One on like PS4, the game is extremely fluid, apart from some skits mysteriously limited to 30 frames per second. This is the case when the camera focuses on a player preparing to shoot a free throw, for example.

It may also wince on the textures of the players shirt during the pre-match interview, but overall NBA 2k16 is doing extremely well. Anecdote, while I was testing the game, friend Panthaa stood next to me and blurted out a “Fuck, it’s super beautiful! “. You should know that the lord had found Panthaa The Order 1886 (probably the best currently available on next-generation game console) “rather blah” graphically.

That is to say how NBA 2k16 flatters the retina. With arch-populated arenas, entertainment doing the lesson to teams games FIFA and all the little additions that we describe as “telegenic” NBA 2k16 is clearly the best team sport game currently available.

However small problems on the online are part of the game. Depending on the hours of the day and players you meet, the parties may be completely unplayable, or of sufficient quality. The game was not yet officially available to the public, we imagine that things will improve quickly. No cause for alarm, therefore, especially as the ratio of playable parts / not playable was largely positive.

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