The DC comic book fans have a lot to be thrilled about, as Warner Bros. recently revealed plans for their very own cinematic universe, which could even rival the phenomenal success of Marvel if handled right. Everyone knows that the internet is full of haters, so many are already mocking the future of the company’s success on the basis of just one release to date.

Whether you like or dislike Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel is ultimately irrelevant though. Even Madame Xanadu would find it hard to predict the quality of the upcoming movies before they’ve been made, so fans will just have to wait and pass judgement when the time is right.

In the meantime

While audiences have been wondering about how long it took DC to reach Marvel’s level on the big screen, true fans have been enjoying the incredible animation released as part of the official DC Comics Animated line. Well known heroes such as Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman have all received the direct video treatment over the past decade and what is most impressive is that the majority of these movies are actually enjoyable, high quality ventures.

Quite frankly, if Warner Bros. had looked to their animated movies for inspiration, they would have won over both hard core fans and the casual audience and could have been spared horrors such as Green Lantern.

The list

I will only be talking about live action, so as much as I love animated movies, I won’t be included them because I’m doing live action. I have also excluded films that don’t center around superheroes, super villains or people that possess superpowers. Here are my Top 10 best and most popular DC movies ever made.

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