Dan BilzerianThe naughty King of Instagram is likely to be loved and also to be hated! Recently, he started a strange campaign and he claims he’s willing to win the most wanted job in the whole world and become the president of the United States of America.

Somehow a spoiled child (his father was a successful corporate on the Wall Street who set up large trust funds for both of his children – Dan and his brother, Adam),
grown with a passion for weapons that he tried to make a living from (he was a student in the Navy SEAL program beginning year 2000),
but quit after a while, Bilzerian is now a social media guru, a native gambler and an actor./formatp]
But as full of fun his life looks from Instagram, the same “dangerous” it is. Because of his lavish lifestyle and high drug abuse he has already suffered three heart attacks. He was also involved in lots of trials. Still, it seems his life is beautiful and he has a rising career as he now wins lots of money from his sexy photos on Instagram, he tries to become the strongest man on Earth and he is going to be part of 2016 Bruce Willis film “Extraction”.

As it seems that Instagram is his main activity, let’s take a look at Dan Bilzerian’s TOP 10 Instagram Photos

10. The navy blue girls

The beard boy is here surrounded by a lot of pretty hot girls wearing some nice blue bikinis. They are all shinny and smiling and they seem to be highly helped by the bottles and cocktail glasses they hold for in health of … everybody!

The navy blue girls

9. Beautiful brunette with lots of money in her small purse

In this picture we see the totally businessman Bilzerian as he is wearing a black elegant suit and a great, expensive, classic watch. But the watch isn’t his great accessory! But the beautiful smiling brunette next to him might be, especially after we take a look at her small purse which is absolutely filled with lots of dollars. Anyone would like that lovely brunette join him for a party!

Beautiful brunette with lots of money in her small purse

8. Oops! Lots of cellulite

Now this picture is taken on the beach and again we can see Bizerian lying happily on the sand while his doing something on his phone. And around him there are a lot of happy people and beautiful girls. But look out! That short haired brunette in the middle of the picture! Yes she’s wearing bikinis and she’s pretty hot, but take a look at that cellulite on her ass!

 Oops! Lots of cellulite

7. The Vegas Yellow Boat in the Club

In this picture, Bilzerian seems to be in his second home – the club! (Or let me think again, the third home, as the second might be his personal plane or something…) And he is dancing in a … boat! A yellow rubber boat carried by lot of people and standing near a hot blonde who shows up her … guess what … ass, of course! By the way, I guess he has a passion in showing people hot girls asses.

The Vegas Yellow Boat in the Club

6. Hot shooting

No, it’s not all about photo shooting! This time it’s about shooting a gun and, we don’t know how, but he got to be protected by two beautiful sexy girls which are also … almost naked.

Hot shooting

5. Hot blondes in the club

In this black & white picture, Bilzerian is once again up on he stage, surrounded by great beautiful girls. This time, the stars are two blondes – one holding his hand and one sitting on her knees and we don’t get to see her face, but her breasts!

Hot blondes in the club

4. Merry Christmas!

Here he shows us only the beautiful body of a girl dressed in hot white and red lingerie. No wonder he didn’t allow us to see the girls face, looks like he wants to keep some parts only for himself!

Merry Christmas!

3. Hot in the garden

It must have been really hot outside as he took this picture. It shows a bunch of beautiful girls in hot bikinis showing their asses in the garden and taking care of the white curly dog and one of Dan’s friends! Take a look at that dog! Wouldn’t you like to take his place in that moment?

Hot in the garden

2. Hot blondies

Now we really mean it! Dan Bilzerian really has a crush on bikinis! Actually … on the back of the bikinis! In this picture he shows up four beautiful blondies on the sea. We don’t know for sure what are the girls looking at but we sure know where your looks will fall when you get to see the picture!

Hot blondies

1. Breast massage? Is this guy for real?

In this picture Dan sits comfortable and he is looking at three girls having fun. They are dressed sexy, young, beautiful and naughty. He laughs as he sees one of them is touching another girl’s breasts.


Well, we don’t know if he’s ever going to be envied by people because he is the strongest man in the world, as the American President but he is already surely easy to be loved and at the same time hated by those millions of people who are watching and following his Instagram posts that gained him so much popularity lately!

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