Did it ever happen to you to invest a lot of money in something that was worth it at first, but shortly it proved the opposite and made you regret it buying in the first place? Like that pair of fancy very expensive brand shoes. You only wore them a couple of times before they ended up looking older than your mother in law. Or that perfume you bought for your mother.

You saw ads about it everywhere on TV and huge billboards everywhere in the town, so there was no way for you to know that it would smell like a wet dog and that the bottle would crush in your poor mother’s hands. Not to mention your awesome smartphone… bought from China, but as costly as those in your own country, which had the graphics and operating system of a Game Boy.

Oh well! At least these ones were not as bad as that time when you bought your dream car. It was red, it was shiny, it smelled like a pinewood and leather, it broke after the first ride… and after two months of repairs worth your one year income, it died… for real this time. Also, remember that fancy apartment by the beach? It seemed like smart investment, but no one told you about the humidity must, rats, mice, cockroaches, noisy seagulls and tourists and sharknados.

It Can Be Worse

Ok. Maybe we are wrong about the last issue, but you get us. You understand the concept of losing a large amount of money for pretty much nothing. Now imagine how horrible it must be for a production studio to put a lot of effort and money in a movie only to fail big time. And unlike just a perfume and even a car, the making of a movie involves many expenses.

Only if you count the actors’ salaries, especially if they are A list stars, you can already have a tiny stroke. Now add the rest of the team, the catering, the venues, the clothes, the make up, random taxes and so on, well… a movie costs more than your own life. It is only normal to assume that the studio would at least want to cover all the expenses and, of course, to get some extra cash.

47 Ronin (2013)Meant to Fail?

But sometimes, the inevitable happens and the movie is a big flop. Sometimes it is destined to fail. Everything works like hell right from the start; accidents happen on the set and the actors can not stand each other, fighting all the time and being a huge pain in the back for the entire team.

Sometimes, huge changes happen and with the movie’s release getting delayed, the expenses increase, only for the film to not appeal to the public. Sometimes it is just about the story line being repetitive, annoying, boring or inconsistent, but also the lack of publicity. Unless they are basing on a huge fandom, not enough publicity is one of the main reasons why a film could not cover its production budget.

When You Lose Your Only Ally

The best friends of a movie are its fans. And when not even the fans or the viewers in general like it, it is like social suicide. As you might guess, there were movies whose own fans disliked so much, that in the end, they pretended that it never existed. The funnier part is that some flops were even mocked in other productions or reboots of their own franchises.

On the other hand, there are those films which were meant to be cinematographic masterpieces, but certain details angered the audiences so bad, that they ended up boycotting the movie. Who would have guessed that putting a bigger emphasis on the actor’s talent rather than their character’s features would cause such a disaster?

Too Soon?

Anyway… since there are so many flops and the universal agreement of movie lovers has decided to avoid talking about the black sheep of cinema, we took only the most recent and shameful movie flops. We are not encouraging you to not watch these movies – you might actually like some of them – but we could also save you some time and disappointment.

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