In this world, every single creature and more specific, each individual, fears something. Some of our darkest fears are purely logical – we fear people, especially strangers, savage wild animal which can put our safety at peril, things we can not explain – such as the mysteries behind supernatural events and mythical creatures – and of course, the unknown, whether it comes as a pop quiz, an unannounced meeting with the boss or death itself. Using different themes and psychological means meant to bring to surface all our inner fears, the horror genre went to the extent of combining all the main subjects that make us tremble. And this is how the concept of zombies developed in the cinematic universe.

The ABC of Zombie

When you think of zombies, you think of disgusting rooting creature, stinky, full of green goo, drooling and crawling calling for brains or Nicholas Hoult being all weird and romantic as the zombie version of Edward Cullen in Warm Bodies. What we want to point out is the complexity of zombies and their various depictions.

Either the effect of the apocalypse or the instrument that lead to the end of the world as we know it, zombies are depicted as resurrected corpses or living soulless bodies. Victims of spells, voodoo magic or viruses, in the hands of a greater evil, political mastermind or just free and aimless as stray dogs, they either seek to end their hunger eating some delicious human brains, human flesh or to spread further their disease.

Pop Culture

“In your heaaad, in your heaaaad, zombeeeh, zombeeeh” – you can be old as time or just old enough to know how to read, but you probably know these lyrics and you sang this tune inside your head. The Cranberries surely did leave a mark in the zombie culture with this song. Then we have Michael Jackson his “Thriiiiiller, thriiiiiller night!” with his famous zombie dance which inspired many other artists and has been a must do at birthday parties and proms.

Zombies are also part of the comic book universe, whether we are talking about western comics such as Marvel’s The Tale of the Zombie, Victorian Undead or The Walking Dead, or the eastern anime and manga franchises such as the famous I Am Hero, Living Corpse or Biomega. Of course, one of the most profitable industries is the gaming industry, which has released jewels such as Resident Evil, Dead Island, Left 4 Dead, Dead Rising, The Last of Us and many others, including Plants vs. Zombies, the game we know you are playing while sitting in the waiting room of a hospital or at annoying boring family gatherings.

Literature is not far behind with titles like Brian Keene’s The Risinh, Max Brooks’ World War Z or Seth Grahme-Smith’s Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, whose title says everything. Television productions are  not as involved in the zombie genre, despite this motif being present in many shows such as Supernatural, The X-Files, American Horror Story, Goosebumps and Angel, few TV series are completely focused on zombies, these being The Walking Dead and, most recently, iZombie. But, there come the movies which rule this topic.


Sick pun. We get it. But not as sick as the zombie films we are about to present. Just as vampire movies have extended to various themes going from the classical Dracula to elegant sadists like Lestat and Louis to creepy vampire children like Eli from Let the right one in to well… Twilight, zombie movies cover a large variety of genres like comedy, science fiction, thriller, romance and obviously, horror. So back to where we started, zombies are a tool created by the mind of man to induct fear in other men and we did our best and researched to bring you a list with ten of the best zombie movies ever made.

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