We live in a world where routine is a thing. We eat at certain hours, we sleep at certain hours, and we have almost everything planed out. These are some of the reasons why we are in a constant search for something different, something intriguing that is out of the normal, out of the ordinary. One of our ways of escaping the daily boredom is watching supernatural movies.

This film genre is one that deals with the paranormal, the occult, it is the kind of movie that may sometimes give you goosebumps. Ghost, spirits, demons, angles, characters out of this world, represented as gods and so on, are the kind of characters one can find in a supernatural movie. Although it sounds like a genre from the horror movies category, supernatural movies are not all scary and frightening, making a good pair even with comedy and sci-fi.

The supernatural can be found in genres like comedy, thrillers, action, romance, drama, better said, the supernatural can be implemented in any type of movie, even documentaries. Not only it can be found in these kind of genres, but multiple ones can combine and the result can be one that is more than satisfying. In the past, these type of films were not designed to scare the audience, being more on the comical side than on the horror one. Just like the jokes, supernatural movies have a bit of truth hidden in it, most of them being closely related with folk stories, tales, traditions and so on.

There are so many supernatural movies out there that we don’t even know each and every one of them.  Out of all of those, here is a selection of what we think are the best 10 supernatural movies that hit the big screens so far.
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