You know how sometimes you have a bad day and suddenly that day becomes the epitome of unhappiness and humiliation. So you eventually try very hard to overpass it. After a nice cup of tea and good night sleep, you wake up ready to start all over again. You try to do everything the best way and avoid anything that may ruin your day.

Whether you succeed or not, it is matter of luck and fate. But then there come those wonderful days when everything goes wonderfully. You get money, you get gifts, an attractive person flirts with you in a non creepy way and your life suddenly seems better than ever.

With hope in your soul and confidence in your mind, you are already the king of the world… or at least inside your mind. But once you keep this attitude, you somehow continue being good and at the end of the year – which is already approaching – you can say that you have had a great year and maybe you were one of the best people of 2015 among your friends and family.

Choose your favorite band

Now replace yourself with a rock band. For all rock music lovers it is always difficult to choose which band is the best and why. But if you look back and take everything by logic, you will realize that except your all time favourite band, you have special favourite bands for different occasions So you have your band for sad moments, for happy moments, for those moments when you want to kill every living creature in your nearby and for those lovely moments when you are with your beloved one, be it truly a person or a pizza.

You have your favourite for every year and that band marks that specific year in your head and heart, so that every time you listen to it, you remember how you used to ride your motorcycle down the road listening to them, how you ignored all your relatives at the Christmas dinner because you were listening to their first six albums, how you survived going to school or work every single morning  or how you cried watching The Notebook and eating noodles from a takeout box because you found out it would take them five more years to release a new album.

i love rock n rollTo sum it up, we all gathered together and investigated which rock bands made themselves relevant for the 2015 which is coming to an end. We wanted to know exactly which artists rose from their grave to make you happy with their music. Some might have returned earlier, but this did not matter for you as they accompanied you throughout this entire year. Of course, some did more than this and actually made music, released albums, toured and were awesome.

In case you are not a fan of rock music or these specific bands, or you just simply have not listened to them in ages and you were not aware that they are still alive rocking and kicking, this is your chance to rediscover them and to enjoy them once more. While you are flooded by old memories when listening to them, do not forget to make new beautiful ones.

May the Force and the Odds be in your favour-ite rock band.

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