Before we start the countdown I must specify that this is not a top list of the best kung fu movies, but a list of top martial arts movies which contains a variety of styles and forms from different corners of the world. Now that we have cleared that out of our way, let’s get down to business. First, not all of the movies in this list are jammed packed with action and fighting where the main character kicks the asses of all the villains, though we have quite a few of them.

Second, some are more choreographed prone and have a ballet dance feel to it complementing the film, while in others the fight scenes are not that frequent but I’ll be damned if they are not worth watching. In some they are visually stunning, some brutally violent and some just plainly kick ass.

Most of these martial arts movies pride themselves in the lack of the CGI that they use, but I will not deny that a few of them do use CGI, but not compared to how Hollywood Blockbusters overuse them, while others barely use them at all, relying solely on wire-works and stunt doubles. Only a few directors from our list use nothing but the hard work, blood, sweat and months of practice of martial arts with just a light touch of fast pace editing to preserve the purity of their work.

We hope you will enjoy our list of action packed, bone crunching, knuckle crushing and aesthetical choreographed handpicked movies which we painstakingly selected. Only the best for our readers!

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