6. Bioshock

bioshock adventure gameNo Gods or Kings. Only Man

A cigar, a dimly lighted seat in the plane, a pleasurable smoke invading your lungs, the photo of your family in your other hand. While reminiscing on them, the fate happens. The plane you’re in crashes into the ocean. As the only survivor you swim to what seems like a lighthouse in the middle of the nowhere.

The rest of this wonderful game is described in my ‘Top 10 Story-Driven Games’ article.

5. Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 game screenshotHave I ever told you the definition of insanity?

A nice vacation trip taken with your friends and siblings turns into a living nightmare once you end up captured by a psychopathic killer with quite the fascination for philosophy considering the famous Einstein quote that Vaas Montenegro ends up saying it to you at a certain time later.

Once you manage to evade the terrorist camp you seek help from local people and end up becoming a mighty warrior that saves the rest of your friends. This awesome game was also reviewed in ‘Top 10 Open-World Games’. If the game sparks some interest, check the entire review here.

4. Shadow Warrior (2013)

shadow warrior action adventure gameShadow Warrior, a first-person shooter action game, let’s you play as Lo Wang, an Yakuza boss’ muscle, sent to purchase a mystical sword for 2 million dollars. Once refused, you’re asked to retrieve the sword at any cost but you end up caught and placed into a cage. You manage to escape once the hell literally breaks loose and demons are tearing up everyone that moves in the area.


One of the first things you receive in this game once you gain control of yourself is your katana sword, useful in slicing enemies up in at least 2 parts. Once the hell breaks loose, you get accompanied by a masked spirit that has been banished by Gods for 200 years, though he has no idea how, and wants the same thing that you do: The Nobitsura Kage, the ancient sword.

The developers seemed to enjoy making this game as bloody as possible, painting any kind of ground into an oversaturated red, with the ‘paint’ procured from demons and humans alike. You get to wield various weapons from the forementioned katana to revolvers, smg’s, crossbows and so on. While wielding any bullet weapon you’re allowed to use katana for a short moment for a quick kill or stun when you run out of bullets.

While using the katana as the main weapon you can throw shurikens at the enemies. Three types of currency allows the player to upgrade the character and his weapons. First you get the normal cash which can be used to add up to 4 mods to your weapons. The mods can either upgrade your accuracy, fire rate, or even go akimbo (dual-wield). The second is Ki Crystals which are a lot rarely found, around 1 or 2 per map which allows the character to gain new powers like healing, new attack movements and so on.

weapons, shadow warriorThe last one, Karma is received by killing enemies; once you receive enough karma, you get 1 karma point to spend on passive perks like finding more ammo or cash and getting a higher hp limit. The karma is also received after each battle scene through a score system where the game analyzes your performance during the fight giving up to 5 shurikens.

You can receive a higher shuriken score by using different techniques and weapons. Managing to headshot or behead an enemy also helps in increasing the score. Similar to Serious Sam 3, there are lots of secrets scattered through each map that most of them are easy to found if you go astray from the linear story path and search enough throughout the map.

Also, when exploring the map you might encounter some nice easter eggs like arcade machines with other games published by Devolver Digital (this game’s publisher), like Hotline Miami and Hard Reset as well as Serious Sam and even the original Shadow Warrior game though unfortunately you cannot play them. You can also find fortune cookies around which will present some wisdom phrase, a pun or even some slick references to other games.

Overall, the game is really fun, lots of easter eggs and laughs to get from it as well as blood, body parts and some snarky comments made by the masked spirit as well as yourself.

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