Even if this movie might not have the same emotional impact as The Notebook, it still conveys the right message, and that is: love is worth fighting for and it can overcome any obstacle. This story has a different approach on love than the classic romantic plots, as the characters are way past the point of meeting, falling in love and getting married. The main characters of this movie have already been married for four years when their lives reach a turning point.

Paige and her husband Leo come out of a movie theater when, on their way home, at a stop sign, a truck rams their car from behind and Paige crashes through the windshield. Both of them are rushed to the emergency room. After she wakes up at the hospital, Paige finds herself suffering of amnesia. She had forgotten everything about how Leo courted and proposed to her. Therefore, he has to earn her back and his quest is definitely not a walk in the park considering Paige also tries to understand why she quit her old life style and chose Leo instead.the vow romantic movie, hospital

So why is this a good choice for a movie night?the movie vow, romantic kiss

“The Vow” is definitely a for Valentine’s Day. It has the benefit of being based on a true story so it is easy for women to identify with Paige who belongs with the handsome Leo. Despite the hardships, he loves her anyway and is willing to go the distance in order to win her back. The more we follow Paige, the more we realize that appearances can be deceiving, as proved by her dilemma when she has to find out what made her fall in love with Leo in the first place, especially since he didn`t seem the kind of man she would choose.

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