Prince leaves behind millions of fans and inconsolable relatives after his sudden death on Thursday at the age of 57. While an investigation was opened to determine the exact causes of his death, TMZ also revealed that the American singer had taken an overdose of opiates, six days before his body was discovered lifeless. An autopsy performed Friday is expected to shed light on the mysterious circumstances of his death.

Known for his impressive discography, incredible stage performances but also its secretive personality, Prince Rogers Nelson, whose real name was also known for his many conquests. A womanizer -who fell in love so easily- that has accumulated sometimes love affairs without tomorrow, as he did in the 80’s and 90’s.

Among the stars whose names were pinned to his list of conquests are Kim Basinger (who he had attended for a few months in 1989), Madonna (the rumor mentions a brief idyll in 1985), Carmen Electra (that he had met in 1991), Ophélie Winter (who mourns for his “spiritual half”) or even the daughter of Marvin Gaye, Nona, he had taken under his wing in 1994. Women who have all been led to work with him, including the registration of certain tubes or shooting video clips.

Other less famous people also shared the life of the Kid of Minneapolis, including the director Troy Beyer, the playmate Heidi Mark or singer Sheila E., who had also claimed in his memoirs to have been his girlfriend for a few short weeks in 1985.

And the 80’s were just one of the periods filled with sentimentality to the star, who had fallen in love with his young muses. His first childhood sweetheart, Susan Moonsie, so did part of the group Vanity 6, the trio he formed in 1981. This was also the case for the singer Vanity, aka Denise Matthews, his protegee, who died two months before his death on 15 February.

He also had a romance between 1984 and 1985 with Apollonia Kotero, star of his second trio of girls, Apollonia 6, but also a love affair with the actress Sherilyn Fenn (1985) and singers Susanna Hoffs and Sheena Easton (1986). But now, after getting a feel of Prince’s private life, which I think considerably affected his career and his songs, let’s have a look at his best albums:

6. Controversy

best prince albums toplistControversy is the fourth studio album of Prince released in 1981, Warner Bros. Records. The album was ranked 21st on the Billboard 200 and third on Billboard Top R & B/Hip-Hop Albums. The album was also ranked 50th in Netherlands.

Musically Controversy is very close to the previous album (Dirty Mind) and it is no coincidence that Prince appears on the cover dressed in the same coat as on the album Dirty Mind. Controversy has sold 2.65 million copies and was, at the time, the debut album from Prince to be distributed in France, before For You, Prince and Dirty Mind.

“Controversy” plays with blasphemy by quoting the Lord’s Prayer. The song ends with this sentence: “People call me rude/I wish we all were nude/I wish there was no black or white/I wish there were no rules.” The song “Jack U Off” is about sex, which it claims to be better when pursued with a companion than with our right hand, or other masturbating devices.

The albums other important topic may be discovered in “Sexuality”, which discusses the phenomenon of TV watching, which can be observed in our society. “Don’t let your children watch television until they know how to read.

In “Do Me, Baby,” the singer simulates an intense, wild orgasm. Gore Vidal wrote in The Nation recently: “Most men, given the opportunity to have sex with 500 different people, would do so gladly. But most men are not going to be given the opportunity by a society that wants them safely married, so that they will be docile workers and loyal consumers.” That’s what Prince want you to k

According to Prince, Lovesexy is a Gospel album. It begins with a sermon that spreads positive energy, advising people to reject Satan and turn to God. In fact the album is about the struggle between good and evil, i.e. God and Satan, i.e. Virtue and sin. Basically the album mixes dance music, rock and rap with playful lyrics about sex, braggadocio, and the feeling of heavenly state Lovesexy.

Stesia Anna tells a story about temptation, desire and other sins of the flesh, the body. “Love is God”,”God is Love ” and “Girls and Boys love God above” as the song says.

5. Dirty Mind

bset prince album coverDirty Mind is the third studio album by American recording artist Prince. It was released on October 8, 1980 by Warner Bros. Records. The album is the follow-up to his commercially successful second album Prince (1979). In 2003, the album was ranked number 206 on Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the 500 greatest albums of all time.

Dirty Mind is a sexually very intense album with social messages. The song “Sister” is about brother-sister incest, which grab’s our attention. This album basically rebels against the over-technologized society of Ronald Reagan, where the human feelings, emotions and passions have lost their role, dreaming about a more loving society.

In the song “One Nation” Prince explains that we’re all flesh and blood, sexual preference and skin color are only superficial differences, no matter what society says now. “When You Were Mine”, notably covered by Cyndi Lauper, is “pure new wave pop” about a woman who has left Prince and his realization of his love for her only afterwards.

“Uptown” and “Partyup” are “relentless dance jams”. “Uptown” was released as a Top 5 Dance and R&B hit single in late-1980 and “Partyup” was performed live on Saturday Night Live in 1981. The two songs have anti-judgment and anti-war messages.

4. Diamonds and Pearls

best albums by PrinceDiamonds and Pearls (Diamond and Pearl) is the ninth studio album by Prince and the thirteenth soundtrack for movies. The album ranks No. 3 on the Billboard 200 and her singles are experiencing a true international success. Four singles in the Top 30, spent 6 million albums.

Diamonds and Pearls, published in early October 1991 marks the first appearance of discography The New Power Generation band with Michael Bland (drums), Sonny Thompson (bass) and Tommy Barbarella (keyboards) for the rhythmic base, Rosie Gaines, Damon Dickson & Tony Mosley for vocals.

Kirk Johnson, percussionist and backing vocalist at the time, collaborate more fully over time as arranger and associate producer of the singer.

Diamonds and Pearls featured a hybrid of music styles, from the funk of “Daddy Pop”, “Jughead”, and first single “Gett Off”, to some of the more mainstream pop/rock songs Prince had recorded in some time, such as “Cream”, “Money Don’t Matter 2 Night” and the title song. “Willing and Able” was used in a video montage during the closing credits of CBS coverage of Super Bowl XXVI.

3. Purple Rain

best Prince albums listPurple rain is more than it seems. It was also the soundtrack for a movie of the same name, which was a huge success. The “Purple Rain” movie debuted at No. 1, and the album spawned five hit singles, two of which—“When Doves Cry” and “Let’s Go Crazy”—topped the Billboard Hot 100.

It has sold 20 million copies and it was listened to death by the real fans, including pop fans, punks, metal heads, moms, dads and accountants. Purple Rain is the soundtrack of the eponymous film, entirely composed by Prince. It is on this album that Prince appeared with his band, The Revolution .

The album is considered to be the best albums in the history of rock music. Time magazine ranked him the 15th best album of all time in 1993, ranking 18th of VH1’s Greatest Rock and Roll Albums of All Time. Purple Rain has sold 13 million copies in the United States and received the Diamond award by the Recording Industry Association of America.

2. Planet Earth

best Prince albums toplistPlanet Earth is the 32nd studio album of Prince. He recorded it with his backing band The New Power Generation and published it on 24 July 2007 with the label of Sony Music Entertainment/NPG Records. The music of the album is a mix of the genres Funk, Pop, R & B and Rock music.

Music critics rated the album mostly positively and the song Future Baby Mama received a Grammy Award in 2008. From a commercial perspective, Planet Earth could reach among other Gold status in Switzerland. The tour for the album was commercially very successful. Prince’s voice can be heard on the album in different pitches, including his signature falsetto.

In the title song Planet Earth Prince warns about the Global Warming. The next piece is from the Guitar Genre rock music and at times recalls the piece I Will Follow (1980) from U2. The lyrics sometimes can interpreted as Prince was winking.

For example, he sings “I love you, baby, but not like I love my guitar” Somewhere Here on Earth is a jazz-themed Crooning-Ballade and the Grammy-winning song Future Baby Mama comes from the area of Smooth Jazz. In the lyrics Prince deals with his love for a new partner.


1. 1999

best prince albums list1999 is the fifth studio album of the US Prince. 1999 was his first album, which reached the top ten of the US charts and was able to sell over four million copies. The tour for the album was also commercially successful and enriched Prince with 10 million US dollars. The music of the double album is one of the genre R & B, dance, funk, pop, rock and rockabilly. 1999 was received very positively by the critics.

The cover is held in a purple hue, with a multitude of small white spots. It only contains the inscriptions “1999” and ” Prince “. In addition, can be read in tiny letters from the words ” and the Revolution ” in the letter ” i ” of the writing ” Prince “.

1999 is the first Prince album showing no portrait photo of him on the front. Furthermore, in the booklet there is an image of Prince, lying naked on her stomach on a bed to see. Only one blanket clothed his lower body.

The US music magazine Rolling Stone chose Prince as rock artist of the year 1982. It wrote about the album 1999: Prince creates “the energy level of the songs always maintain and also incorporate imaginative shocking moments and surprises“.

Thank you for staying with us for this tiny review. In the next article we will discuss The 6 Most Epic Songs of Prince!

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