Top 10 Cryptocurrencies in 2017

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    In 2009, Bitcoin was created and this phenomenon spawned many other digital currencies (cryptocurrencies) that we can choose from. Just like with diamonds and gold, there is no government agency that oversees transactions and manages the whole economy.

    This is one of the main reasons why cryptocurrencies have gained such a huge popularity over the last few years. Not only that they became more popular, but their price has increased by tenfold too. With governments pushing people around, it’s only a matter of time before our economy plummets and cash becomes worthless.

    This is when Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies become the solution to our freedom; this is the single most powerful argument for digital currencies. In this article, you will learn what other profitable cryptocurrencies are on the market right now!

    10. Bytecoin

    As of May 2017, this currency has a pretty low market value, but this is not the reason why people choose it. The main reason why it is beneficial for people to mine this is that there is an absurd amount of Bytecoins available. Currently, there are hundreds of billions of Bytecoins that can be mined.

    As there is a finite number that is available, choosing a cryptocurrency with a higher supply is always a better option. As of right now, the price of Bytecoin has dropped by quite a bit, but this number is constantly changing.

    9. Stellar Lumens

    This digital currency was introduced in 2014 and it has been increasing in popularity ever since. The current market value of one XLM isn’t a lot more than one Bytecoin, but it’s still a better option.

    The price is better, compared to Bytecoin, but there are far less Stellar Lumens available. This is why choosing the right and best cryptocurrency is crucial and one of the most important things when it comes to selecting a virtual currency.

    8. Monero

    Even though cryptocurrency transactions are hard to trace, there is still a chance that it can happen. Monero is the network that focuses on privacy, introducing another layer of protection for their users.

    Privacy isn’t the only beneficial thing about Monero, as it has a pretty good price on the market too. With over 14 million in circulation, it is a great choice for people who want privacy and a good cryptocurrency that they can start mining.

    7. Dash

    Yet another cryptocurrency that focuses on privacy, Dash is famous for not only being secure but very fast when it comes to the transaction speed too. With over 7 million DASH circulating in the market right now, many people choose this virtual currency.

    If you take a look at any price graph, the value of Dash usually goes up, which is another plus for this cryptocurrency.

    6. Litecoin

    This is one of the most similar cryptocurrencies to Bitcoin on the market. It can be used to purchase various goods through the Internet and there are many retailers who accept Litecoin as their payment method. With a pretty solid market value, Litecoin is another reasonable choice, especially if you plan on spending your Litecoins on products that you can purchase online.

    5. Ethereum Classic

    This digital currency was introduced in 2015 and it is one of the most profitable virtual currencies on the market. Unfortunately, because of cyber-attacks, the currency had to be split into two: Ethereum and Ethereum Classic.

    This means that the currency lost approximately half of its market value, but Ethereum is still a good choice. The market price of Ethereum Classic is pretty low and it’s nowhere close to Ethereum which we will talk about in a minute.

    4. NEM

    NEM is a cryptocurrency that was started in January 2014, and since then, it gathered a huge following of dedicated users who mine this digital currency day and night. The market value of NEM is one of the lowest, but there is a total of 8,999,999,999 XEM that can be mined. That means a huge market cap, regardless of how low the current price of one NEM is.

    3. Ripple

    The next cryptocurrency on our list is Ripple, which was released back in 2012. This digital currency is mainly used by banks and for currency exchange. There are a few banks that have integrated this currency into their system and it is widely used around the world.

    This is yet another digital currency that doesn’t have a huge value, but rather an immensely large supply that can be gathered. We are getting to the big hitters now and these last few cryptocurrencies have the highest market cap from all of the other ones.

    2. Ethereum

    The other part of the Ethereum currency, this one is the one with the higher value. When compared to Ethereum Classic, the difference is huge! The price of one ETH (Ethereum) is around ten times more than one ETC (Ethereum Classic). The market value is constantly changing, but this might be one of the best choices when it comes to choosing the right digital currency.

    1. Bitcoin

    And the number one best cryptocurrency right now on the market is Bitcoin. Bitcoin was the first and most recognizable digital currency that was introduced. Many times, it is used instead of “cryptocurrency” and many people who do not really understand the concept think that it is the only currency that can be farmed. This is not true, as you can see from this list.

    Even though Bitcoins have been on the market for a very long time, it is still the most valuable virtual currency out there. 2017 is an amazing year for Bitcoin investors, as the value of one BTC more than doubled since the beginning of the year.

    There are over 16 million still in circulation, so it won’t go extinct in a while. This is the exact reason why so many people still farm this digital currency, even after so many years of it being available.


    There you have it, the top 10 best cryptocurrencies that you can choose right now. There are a few things that can determine the one that you choose, but most people select based on the current market cap, price or even by the price graph.

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    There are various websites where you can follow the changes in the price in real time, so if you are really interested in this concept, go ahead and start with your cryptocurrency mining adventures right now!

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