We`ve seen many movies emphasising how love can overcome distance and any obstacles in its way, but how about time? The Lake House has its own unique way in dealing with the theme of love. In addition to that, it also proves that looks don`t really matter when it comes to love.

Although it is based on two paradoxes, that is, time travel and the possibility of two people to reach out to each other through time, the story`s fundamental romantic impulse makes you simply accept it as a premise, with no questions asked.romantic scene from movie The Lake house

The unshakable romantic story touches your heart and uplifts your soul into making you believe everything, even time travel, can be possible. “The Lake House” has all the qualities of a and so much more. It follows protocol down to almost every layer of Romance, but somewhere along the line it takes a detour down the path of unique. It doesn’t have cliques, it’s unpredictable, it’s very original, and it’s extremely moving. It resonates with the heart and with the soul on a whole new level, giving you that sense of love and enjoyment that you’ve been searching for.


How is time travelling possible?

A woman, Kate Foster, living in a glass house built over a lake, decides to move out and this leaves a note for the next tenant, Alex Wyler. What sets it all in motion is the strange response she received from him. As their correspondence continues, they realize he thinks it is 2004 and she thinks it is 2006. The mailbox becomes their bridge between the two time frames. As they got to know each other better, they unmistakably fell in love. Even if a conversation seems impossible in such a situation, they carry it based on the words in their letters.Keanu Reeves in movie The Lake house

The Lake House delivers a very unique love story that happens to transcend time itself.


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