Yet another unique approach to the theme of love, the movie Ghost combines a series of popular film genres, blending comedy, romance, action, and a touch of horror. It’s an unpredictable, mesmerizing journey.

The story begins during the evening, when a New York couple, Sam and Molly, are confronted by a mugger. Despite submitting to his demands, Sam is murdered anyway. He then finds himself a wandering spirit, invisible to the living world. He returns to Molly but can’t communicate with her at all. Slowly, he learns details about how his death came to be and seeks revenge on his murderer, as well as tries to protect Molly.mugger scene, ghost 1990

“Ghost” is a film with brilliant performances and an intriguing plot, a romantic burst so powerful and heavy that it becomes the shadow of a tragic fairytale. Tragic is the most important word here, as Sam loses his life and is condemned to roam the earth even after death, in an attempt to discover why he could not move on.romantic kiss, patrick swayze and demi moore, movie ghost 1990

The movie`s best scene comes when Swayze is able to use the physical presence of a medium in order to caress the woman he loves one last time. Despite what one`s religious beliefs are, this is bound to make one believe in life after death.patrick swayze whoopi goldberg, the ghost movie

The performances are stellar from all four leading characters, but Whoopi Goldberg deserves particular attention. The way she commands the screen and interacts with the other leads is an honour to watch, showing various sides of the character she is portraying. The movie is beautifully executed and it surely doesn`t let down the audience.

There are many reasons to see this film, as it`s not just another tear factory romance movie. There are other plot developments going on that provide suspense and, not to mention, a nice mixture of horror and humor elements.

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