Hollywood’s famous couple Ryan Gosling, 33 and Eva Mendes, 40 have called it quits on their relationship in December 2013. It seems that things between the two were over a long time ago until they finally decided to call it off for good around Christmas. They have a daughter that wasn’t planned in the time they would already consider to end their relationship.

The two met on the movie set

The beautiful actors started dating when they were co-stars in the movie The Place Beyond The Pines in 2011. Although they both never saw themselves married, they started a relationship that lasted three years and Eva gave birth in September 2014 to a beautiful baby girl named Esmeralda Amada. A source said “They decided to quietly call it off for good,” “There is no ill will. Neither is rushing out to date other people right now.”

It’s a bumpy ride with these two, whereas their daughter was not in their plans, Eva saying in the past that “I’m certainly not thinking about being a mom,” “I can’t imagine it. I’m too selfish.” and Ryan also said in the past “I’d like to be making babies, but I’m not, so I’m making movies”. Eva was trying to keep a secret the fact that she was pregnant for a while until it was too obvious to deny it anymore.

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes

Ryan couldn’t run from his past

And yet another complication comes along with actress Rachel McAdams, former co-star with Ryan in the all-so-known movie The Notebook. In the past, Ryan was dating Rachel for two years and before her actress Sandra Bullock which whom he stayed for one year. The flames between Ryan and Rachel aren’t quite burnt out. Seems that this former cute Hollywood couple was everybody’s favorite and after Rachel found out about Ryan and Eva’s break-up she was devastated but we don’t know about her reaction regarding Eva’s pregnancy if you consider the fact that the reason why Ryan and Rachel broke up back in 2007 was that Rachel wasn’t ready yet to have children. Ouch! …so much for the favorite love birds of Hollywood. Although we might still think there is a chance for them because despite Eva’s the mother of Ryan’s child, he still doesn’t think that they need to marry just because they have a daughter now.

The two actors are currently separated but they still maintain a friendly relationship in order to be good parents for their baby daughter.

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